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I don't write, so much as I perform acts of high-wire fiction without a net. Come watch me fall! I believe in narrative coincidence, the transcendent power of hopeful creativity, and the Oxford Comma.

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    BABSCon Time!

    EDIT: Fanfic hangout in my room. 4008, 5-8pm Friday and Saturday.

    EDIT: Created a Discord channel for all author types to stay in touch here at the con (or those that wish they were at the con.) https://discord.gg/0xqOoPWifCdB6gvY

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BABSCon Fanfiction Hangout · 9:52pm Apr 4th, 2015

Hangout is go! Room 2104! Fanfic authors, fans and others all welcome!

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Comments ( 2 )

It was a blast chatting with you all! Enjoyed myself immensely.

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