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Aspiring writer and huge sci-fi fan. Also Luna is best pony.

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"A Thousand Voices" sequel · 1:18am Mar 16th, 2015

Hello all. I mentioned in the A/N of the epilogue of A Thousand Voices that I was throwing around the idea of a sequel. Well, support for one was quite overwhelming, and I do have several ideas, so I have decided to go ahead and do one. It is mostly planned out, and I intend to start writing sometime this week. Hopefully this means that the first chapter will be posted sometime in the next few weeks, and I will fall back in to the weekly schedule I had for most of A Thousand Voices. Before I start writing I am going to rewatch the season 4 finale so that I don't screw anything up lore-wise. I said that I was going to wait until season 5 came out before I got to work, but one reader brought up an interesting point: what if Chrysalis made another appearance? This would not make sense in the universe of ATV, so I am going to continue with the alternate universe I have created and go from there.

I also mentioned that I had ideas for a few short stories, and I would try to get them out. This has proven to be quite difficult - as it turns out, short stories are a bit harder to do for me than incredibly long ones. There's a lot of information to cram into such a small space, that I'm having trouble writing down what I want. I'm going to continue working on them, and if they are ever finished, I will post them.

Speaking of length, the sequel to A Thousand Voices likely will not be as long as the original fic. All of the events are going to happen over a smaller amount of time, though it will be far more conclusive (all questions will be answered). Before I finish this up, I wanted to thank all of you for your support on ATV. It has become quite successful, even achieving the #8 spot for highest rated fics in the Mass Effect group. I am overjoyed that people enjoyed the fic, and I hope that the sequel (which I still don't have a name for) will be just as great.

Until next time,

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Comments ( 4 )


I for one am greatly looking forward to it.

I actually found ATV pretty short. You kept the plot going at a good pace. Many other stories tend to drag things out. I think you did a good job in that aspect, though.

Not sure where a sequel will fit in considering the finality with the story, unless we see someone else (Shepard? yesplz... or maybe other geth with Legion's uploaded bits? Could be interesting.) finding their way to Equestria. In any event I'm looking forward to it.

Just link an announcement blog post linked to ATV to let us know when you publish a sequel or side story, thanks! I mean I like following authors but linking blog posts is so much more convenient for everyone.

I'm very happy to see you going ahead with this. I can hardly wait to read it. :raritystarry:

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