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    Tuttle Twins S1 Ep 3: Pencils, Pirates and Ice Cream People

    Argh! The twins encounter space pirates, a scotsman, and ice cream people as they learn about free trade and why no one can make a pencil by themselves.

    Personal note: I really do not like the racoon.

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  • 22 weeks
    Tuttle Twins S1 Ep2: War of the Worms

    A science camp rivalry threatens to destroy Emily’s dreams. Grandma takes the twins to India and a worm battlefield to learn about the golden rule before it’s too late. But will the twins be able to stop the blowback?

    Personal note: I'm no pacifist, but learning to cease blowback and de-escalate is important for all of us to learn.

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  • 22 weeks
    Tuttle Twins S1 Ep 1: When Laws Give You Lemons

    Ethan and Emily Tuttle start a lemonade stand just to lose it to a bad law. But when Grandma Gabby moves in with the family, she takes the twins on her wheelchair time machine to France and the Old West They learn what makes a good and bad law. But will the twins be able to reclaim their lemonade stand in time?

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  • 32 weeks
    Bill Kristol and Scott Horton Debate U.S. Interventionism

    Resolution: A willingness to intervene and seek regime change is key to America's foreign policy that benefits America.

    Arguing in the affirmative: Bill Kristol. Editor-at-large of Bulwark Magazine. (Neo-Conservative)

    Arguing in the negative: Scott Horton. Head of the Libertarian Institute and Chief Editor of antiwar.com (Anarcho-Capitalist)

    This debate was looooong overdue.

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    A Smart College Alternative (Including for Kids Trapped by Vaccine Mandates)

    If you or anyone you know is contemplating college or is going through it, there is a better way. It's like an apprenticeship, where you accumulate working experience, instead of college debt. It's called Praxis. Check it out in the following link and watch the following interview about it.


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Suggestions For My story Involving Pranks. · 5:27pm Mar 2nd, 2015

I'm currently writing a story where a human being pulls pranks on the ponies and faces the consequences from them. I'm mainly focusing on the Mane six at this moment.

I'm open to suggestions on what kind of pranks the human should pull on a particular pony (AJ, RD, Pinkie, etc.) and what kind of retribution should the human suffer.

I'm all ears.

Report Godiswithus3 · 171 views · Story: Pulling Pranks With Ponies ·
Comments ( 13 )

Maby you can do a little prank on fluttershy for a chapter

2865427 I will think about it.

Pinkie and Dashie will retaliate by rePranks. it's a natural reaction for these two.
Rarity and AJ would most likely brush the jokes off and laugh, unless they are mean spirited.
Just don't have this poor guy to lie to either Pinkie or AJ.
Twilly may consider some fun on the side, like giving or taking a :moustache: ??

2865427 One prank per chapter? Sounds like an idea.
You may consider to have the consequences in the same chapter, as well.

2889368 The story is already finished. But I will keep these suggestions for the future if I decide to write a sequel.

2889374 Woah, that was quick.
Feels as if you Published it faster than you had to.
I have no idea as to how fast you write, so I can't say much on this part.
Personally, I could write a story this fast, but I hear from scores of others who take ages to write even this much.

2889460 Fast? It took me half a month. The last two chapters took me a whole a week and was a challenge. But it was worth it and I hope you enjoy it.

2889471 I guess you are one of the Faster writers then?

Not that I complain, I can pull off a few chapters in hours, if and when I am in the mood and my Muse is with me.

2889531 If you call this fast, I'll believe you. I think it was also because I had a lot of free time. And good for you by the way on your speed.

2889539 Two weeks for full 20k words story, that's pretty good.
I can write a story in a matter of hours, if it is short enough for me to go through the entire story from cover to cover. Not much of editing, just writing at the speed of thought.
A few images and a Playlest by the side does help.

I just dont publish a story as fast as I write, just a chapter a week. I enjoy the longer exposure.

2889564 Good point. I will have to think about that on my next story.

2889632 Something they told me on occasion on my stories, both here and else-where.
give your readers the time to ctch up.
Posting too much at once does never really pay off, even if they may get bored if they have to wait too long too.

2889650 This information helps a lot. I thank you for the advice.

2889656 You are quite welcome, I love helping.

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