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I have Asperger Syndrome, Erb's Palsey in my left arm, and am somewhat out of shape. I enjoy video games, watching television, roller coasters, and reading.

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    Multimedia I'm familiar enough with for crossovers

    If anyone wants to request a crossover story from me, please read this list over first. I won't do any crossovers with series outside this list.

    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Jak & Daxter
    Dragon Ball Z/Super

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    The Fastest Siblings Alive

    When it comes to Sonic Generations, would you rather I do the Classic and Modern versions separately, with Classic coming after Sonic CD, or would you rather I just do Sonic Generations after Sonic Colors and retroactively fit Classic Sonic between Sonic CD and Sonic 2?

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    So, On Your Marks (Spoilers ahead)

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    New Goku chapter

    After over two years, I've posted a new Goku's Strangest Adventure chapter. Please check it out. It's part 1 of a two-parter.

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  • 415 weeks
    Birthday coming up

    My birthday is this Monday, October 5th, and I'll be turning 27. Just wanted to post it now so I wouldn't forget.

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Got MM3D a couple days ago. · 11:30am Feb 15th, 2015

There are a lot of changes, but one in particular surprised me. See, in the N64 original and gamecube ports, when the moon falls, the game implies both that everyone dies and that there could be survivors. In the 3DS remake, that implication is dropped in favor of outright saying that there were no survivors. That definitely makes an already dark game much darker.

On another note, and to make this blog relevant, I should be back to writing pony soon. So keep an eye on my stories.

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