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I have Asperger Syndrome, Erb's Palsey in my left arm, and am somewhat out of shape. I enjoy video games, watching television, roller coasters, and reading.

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So, On Your Marks (Spoilers ahead) · 5:59am Apr 12th, 2016

This was an interesting episode. Not only did we see that the CMC have entered the dreadful "Now what?" stage of their plans, but Life Drawing is canon in Equestria, and based on how everyone but Tree Hugger was clothed, they let foals in while hosting nude models. Not sure how I feel about this.

Apple Bloom helping Tender Taps overcome his stage fright by (possibly) intentionally flubbing her performance was nice, and he got a cutie mark out of it, which is always nice. Overall, I give this episode a 6.5 out of 10. Next week is a Spike episode, so we'll see how it fairs.

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