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ponies? in MY fanfiction? it's more likely than you think!

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    More Doctor Whooves...?

    I wrote a blog post about three years ago now?

    Anyways, a lot happened to me in three years. Life and stuff, y'know?

    I decided, as a method to get myself to write again, I'm re-writing my first fanfiction, The Fall of Gallopfrey. I hope it turns out much better this time around.

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    NEWS: More Doctor Whooves?!

    I. The Return of Doctor Whooves?

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NEWS: More Doctor Whooves?! · 5:44am Jan 30th, 2015

I. The Return of Doctor Whooves?
Hello there, traveller! It seems you have found your way to this blog post, whether it be by Twitter or the fact that you follow me here. Anywho, the point is that I have news! After about two months of tinkering, I have decided that I will upload two of my current WIP stories in my Google Drive. One of these new stories (the one that I will mainly be focusing on) is called Harmony Prevails, which is a Doctor Whooves story that is set in a different universe than The Fall of Gallopfrey was. This story will mainly focus on how the Doctor was sent to Equestria and why he was sent there. This Doctor befriends Twilight Sparkle and the mane 6 in the Second Reign of Discord. Although the Doctor does not know how or why he was sent to Equestria at this time, he will do his best to help when he is required. This story, unlike The Fall of Gallopfrey, will focus on the regeneration between the Eleventh Doctor and his transition into the Time Pony that assists in saving Equestria. More details to come.
II. Brand New Story Concept:
The second story concept of mine (and I'm sure it has been done before) relates to the human world and Equestria. First off, I'd like to mention that scientifically, the multiverse theory states that there are multiple universes out there, and the closer you are to one, the more alike it will be to your main world. This second story features a teenager named Jacob Waters. He's a human living a normal in the real world (the world that we call home). One day he finds himself in the body of a stallion living in a ponified version of his home town. At specific points of this story, the perspectives will switch between the Jake stuck in Equestria, and the stallion stuck inside of Jake's human body (note: I have yet to give the stallion a name).
III. Conclusion
While I have been busy with school and such, I have devoted a little bit of time each day to creating new ideas and storing them in my Google Drive. I've never thought any of them were the best, and that's why I'd never upload them. As I've looked through these stories, I have realised that I have one wild imagination. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed The Fall of Gallopfrey! I know there was room for tons of improvement, and hopefully I can achieve that in my next few stories. Ta ta for now!~


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