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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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Q&A Round Sixteen - The Answers! · 11:39pm Jan 26th, 2015


Questions are answered in the order they were received.


I direct this question to you Geo. Have you ever thought of bringing Twilight to earth. You know kinda like a cultural exchange program or a little vacation?

I'm not sure if you were addressing the author or the character — so I'll answer this question as both.

Speaking as the author, I can safely say that I have no intentions to write such a story.

(Geo and Twilight are sitting at a table.)
Twilight: Going to Earth sounds nice, but I don't think Geo wants to go back.
Geo: Yeah, fuck that for a game of marbles. There's nothing there for me now — everything I want is right here.
Twilight: But if I go with you, then everything you want will be there as well.
(Geo sighs.)
Geo: Look, Twi, I don't want to take you there because... I'm worried about how you might be treated. Remember, ponies on Earth are nothing like you — if you were to go to Earth, governments everywhere would want to claim you for their own, and others would want to do God knows what to you. (He slams a fist on the table.) And that is a risk I am not willing to take, dammit!
(Twilight nuzzles him.)
Twilight: Sorry, I didn't think about the potential consequences. If it worries you that much, I won't bring it up again.
(Geo kisses her on the nose and hugs her.)
Geo (whispering): Thank you.


How many, if any, of your stories have been translated, and if so, to what language(s)?

A few of them have been translated into Russian, but I can't remember which ones. :raritycry:

The Accursed One (Aww, crap.)

1) Try to decipher: What is right is what is left.

Politics? (At least, that's the first result Google gave me.)

2) Why must you continue to exist? I thought a person like you would have transcended the mortal plane by now.

I've got too much shit to do before I can even consider 'transcending the mortal plane.'

3) Do you know about that weird thing called déjà vu?

Hell yeah, I do! It happens to me a few times a month.

4) Are you a dragon made of triangles?

I see what you did there.

Sadly, I am not a dragon made of triangles — I am, in fact, a big fat Scotsman who bleeds Irn Bru.

5) Any hopes for season 6?

More Celestia and Luna!

7) What did you think of the story I published 5 days ago?

What story? According to your profile, the last story you published was on June 1st 2014.

8) Did you notice I skipped 6?


9) Are you a fan of the chemical buckminsterfullerene?

Not really. Chemistry makes my brain hurt.

10) Did you know about that weird thing called déjà vu?

Can't say that I do. :trollestia:


1. Do you consider Sweetie Belle to be a living weapon of cuteness?

Did you seriously just ask me that? OF COURSE I DO.

2. Do all unicorns (and alicorns) have potential to become living weapons?

3. Cheese for everypony?

Not everypony — I heard he only has eyes for Pinkie Pie.

4. Do you think Twilight and Shining's mom (Twilight Velvet/Twinkle) is badass?

I haven't seen her do anything to suggest that she is a badass... but I will admit that I think she's cute.

5. Geo, what would Twilight think if she saw you wearing a sky blue frou-frou apron with :heart: the Cook written in fancy writing?

Geo: She'd burst out laughing.
(Twilight nods.)
Twilight: I would — because the idea of Geo cooking is just too ridiculous.

6. Shining Armor, have you heard of bushido?

(Shining Armour looks surprised.)
Shining Armour: Holy crap, a question for me? Uhh...
(He falls silent. A couple of minutes pass by before Cadence pokes him.)
Cadence: Shiny?
Shining Armour: Who? What? Where? Why? How? Me?
(Cadence giggles.)
Cadence: Yes, silly. You. Answer the question please, sweetheart, you don't want to keep the nice person waiting.
Shining Armour: Uhh, no. I can't say I have heard of 'bushido.' You might want to talk to our gardener about it.

7. Is there anything to eat in the Crystal Empire aside from crystal berries?

Cadence: Crystal soup, crystal bread, crystal apples, crystal bananas...
Shining Armour: ... crystal carrots, crystal cucumbers, crystal ice cream, crystal casserole...
(The two of them spend the next half an hour detailing the many crystal dishes.)

8. Can you imagine Princess Luna using the Thu'um?

(The Dovahkiin enters and takes a deep breath.)
Dovahkiin: FUS RO DAH!
(Luna, as well as everything within a one hundred mile radius, is blasted straight to the moon.)

9. Do you think that Flash Sentry deserves multiple boots to the head?

Yes, as well as several other blunt and sharp instruments.

Hell, I even wrote a parody of The Twelve Days Of Christmas about it!


1) If you were to have 5 people over to dinner one night, who would it be?

1. You
2. ARchy4288
3. Greatodyer
4. Chris Rock
5. Terry Crews

2) if you were to kiss somebody, who would it be?

Probably my ex-girlfriend, just to remind me of one of the few times in my life I was genuinely happy.

Not that I'm not happy, of course — it's just that when I was with her, I felt like I was on top of the world...

Ahh, memories.

3) what's the one ship you would love to read more of, but never get around to it?

FluttershyxFleur de Lis (because fuck calling her 'Fleur dis Lee').

4) what's the ship you hate most?

FlashLight, without a doubt.

And no, it's not because of the 'waifu stealing' — I've said countless times that I think Flash is a pointless character with no real merit.

5) if you were a cannon character in MLP, who would it be?

Twilight. :twilightsmile:

6) If you had to defeat a bear and your only weapons were a Bean Bag cushion a Stick and a Dildo, what would you do?

1) Throw the beanbag cushion at the bear.
2) Wait for the bear to rip open the beanbag.
3) While bear is choking on hundreds of little beans, jam the stick in its eye.
4) Look at the dildo and shudder, wondering where it has been.
5) Drop the dildo and go home.

7) If you could write a 200,000 word fiction, what would it be on and why?

The next part of the Geoverse looks set to break the 200,000 word mark, given that it is set during a season of MLP — plus, there might be more Bonus Chapters if I get any ideas for some.

8) if you would like to see any of your work appreciated more, which one would it be and why?

The Origin Of Moonbutt

[Everyone] [Sad] [Slice of Life]

Twilight Sparkle now knows how Celestia got the nickname 'Sunbutt', thanks to Luna — but when Celestia finds out, she decides to even the score.

After all, she isn't the only one with an embarrassing nickname and a story to tell, even if both were borne of tragedy...

People asked for a sequel to The Origin Of Sunbutt, yet it has four times more views than this does. Why? :raritydespair:

9) What was your favorite subject at school?

Computing — especially when we started doing Visual Basic. I loved making my own programs, some of which proved quite popular. But, alas, I lost all my source code when my pen drive failed.


10) If you had a baby, what would you name it?

Me? Have a kid?


ARchy4288 :heart:

Twilight, how do you control the discharge pressure on a refrigerant compressor, and what draws vapors out of the overhead and side draws of a distillation column?

Hint: it's the same answer for both questions.

Twilight: All right, that's it! COME HERE, YOU SON OF A—
Twilight (tearfully): But he's making a fool out of me! He knows I can't answer these questions!
Geo: Have you ever thought that he's trying to teach you?
(Twilight blinks a couple of times.)
Twilight: Umm, no?
Geo: Right then. I'm sure he'll provide the answer, so just wait. Don't overreact — and don't kill him either, as a lot of people who wuv him lots would no doubt miss him.
(Twilight giggles.)
Twilight: 'Wuv?' Aww, Geo, that's adorable.
(Geo facepalms.)
Geo: Crap.

Geo, how badly does Twilight want to vaporize me right about now, and was Twilight not amused when you did your best Tony Montana impression?

I think I might be a bad influence.

Geo: I've managed to talk her out of vapourising you, for now at least. As for the other question... well, she wasn't very happy about that, either, come to think of it. And trust me, mate, you're not a bad influence — that's John's job.

John, how did you like this? *gives paper bag containing franch fries and a hamburger with lots of bacon and two eggs*

John: I have asked Pinkie to show you just how happy I am right now — because I'm busy. (He begins wolfing down the food.)
Pinkie Pie: On it!

Miss Jubilee, how are you and how is business going?

Cherry Jubilee: I'm fine, thank you for asking. Business is going very well, thank you — my partner, and I mean that in a romantic sense as well as a business one, has come up with several ideas to boost productivity and decrease our overheads. I'm so lucky to have him... (She sighs wistfully.)

Princess Celestia, I... I... *steals another kiss* What do you think of this song?

(Celestia responds by tackling Archy to the floor and invading his mouth with her tongue.)

That's it for this round! I'm sorry that it took me so long.

Also, my Internet kept dying as I was typing this up.

Until the next time, everyone, stay awesome!

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Comments ( 4 )

Actually, the meaning I was going for:
What's correct is what remains. AKA, history is written by the victor. And I thought I'd have got ya on the story one.

2. Do all unicorns (and alicorns) have potential to become living weapons?


:pinkiecrazy: Oh, I never leave home without my TWILIGHT CANNON!

Cadence: Crystal soup, crystal bread, crystal apples, crystal bananas...
Shining Armour: ... crystal carrots, crystal cucumbers, crystal ice cream, crystal casserole...
(The two of them spend the next half an hour detailing the many crystal dishes.)

4) Look at the dildo and shudder, wondering where it has been.

What if it's one of Twilight's dildos? :trollestia:

BTW: Your "John and Pinkie" image is broken...

Thanks for answering my questions, especially my Skyrim-themed one. I swear that making up questions for the Q&A's really fun. On that note, maybe I should ask Shining Armor more questions... Can't wait for round seventeen~


BTW: Your "John and Pinkie" image is broken...

It should be fixed now. Thanks.

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