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I'm an avid writer and marijuana user. My biggest hobbies are writing and playing lacrosse.

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    Theta decrees that today is a most wonderdul day, as such I am obligated to put this out there.
    1.) Remember, it's always puff, puff, pass
    2.) Watch out for chiefers (unless you paid)
    3.) Pass to the left hand side. This one is crucial.
    4.) Be safe! Don't do anything stupid, post up somewhere safe to toke up.
    5.) Blunts, bongs, joints, bowls; it doesn't matter as long as you toke ;)

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Some Explanations · 7:42pm Jan 23rd, 2015

For all you PonyxSis fans, I apologize. Silvreus and I haven't sat down in a while to write (more or less we just PM each other when we want to do anything). As to why... Well let's just say things are starting to get a little hectic on my end, given we're both students at the moment. Personally I'm working out most days after I finish homework or not working. Honestly, don't expect too many updates till around May 15. Some of you already know, but I play lacrosse pretty much year round; and with spring right around the corner, so are practices and games. I won't promise that much, but we are still going to write over the months to come.

The second order of business I want to discuss is the criticism we received after the latest chapter(s). Both Silvreus and I wanted to add a serious note to the story, while also keeping it humorous. However neither of us will apologize for staging Cheerilee as we did. That's doesn't mean you, the reader, mean nothing to us; as writers we have to brainstorm and keep coming up with ways to keep the story entertaining. Please understand that we're not trying to ruin any image you may have of Cheerilee, we're trying to create and bring to life a character that has emotions and a back story. One of many critiques was that Cheerilee's outburst and backstory were out of character for her; to this I urge you to read "The Things They Carried". The author (a Vietnam war veteran) explains that the crazy, seemingly impossible to be real stories are the ones that actually happen; while the stories that are believe able are the ones that are made up. I guess what I'm trying to say is, we actually spent time trying to come up with a legitimate backstory as to why Cheerilee didn't want Rumble to be around Scootaloo. I ask that you see things from our perspective before you negatively comment on our story.
Many thanks,
Theta and Silvreus

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Comments ( 1 )

First, I would like to say that I understand that real-life comes first. If you can't update until the middle of May, thanks for letting us, the readers, know. Secondly, I have read plenty of back-stories. There is an infinite amount of them. Add an AU tag, and you have an infinite amount more. If Cheerilee doesn't want Scootaloo to marry because her other sister was killed by some psycho she married, that's fine. However, she is also going to give Rumble a chance to prove himself to her, which is all he's asking. I'm cool with that.

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