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    I'm Sorry

    I know DM hasn't updated in far far to long but I'm currently at a point in my life where I just can't devote any time to writing right now. I work a 10 hour day to come home and help my daughter with her home work, make dinner than go to bed. I want to finish Dragon's Might, the story floats around in my head all day at work, but I just don't have the time these days to actually put words to

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    I'm still here.

    Treat yourself to an awesome song that goes with the theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMGXq9_IQBQ.

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    Writing for the public.

    I will be live streaming my "brilliant" writing process for any who wish to see it, this Friday night at around 10pm EST. I will post another blog shortly before the stream goes live with the URL for the live stream.

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    Would you watch me do things?

    I'm contemplating streaming my writing of the next chapter. If even 1 person wants to see that I'll do it. I'll be writing the chapter regardless but I just want to give anyone who wants to see it happen the chance the get in on it.

    With love, MB.

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  • 304 weeks

    It just recently hit me that the shit I type might define a person I don't know. That idea terrifies me, My shit shouldn't sculpt a future artist. I want anyone who might view me as a launch point to be fully invested in their ideas. It doesn't matter where your launch pad comes from. As long as you have the courage to spring board off that base idea you can do anything.

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Updates how do they works? Apparently way better when you don't let jews do it. · 4:00am Dec 15th, 2014

Apologies for the somewhat racist title but it's directed at my current main editor/co-writer who will totally get the joke (If you don't approve I'm sorry but fuck you this is my blog and well Ima do what I want).

As I'm sure some of you who have been with me for awhile know my release cycle is fucking horrendous. In the beginning it took anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to get an update out to 4 to 6 weeks and eventually leading up to now 6-8 weeks. Well two months between updates is where I drew the line. I have finally decided to break down and bring on an additional editor for all of my fics to do mostly grammar and punctuation based editing. This will allow me to hand off a chapter as soon as I finish it and have a postable version of it in about 2-3 days.

My main editor the lovely (yet fucking slow as shit) Aura will still continue to work on the final version of each chapter which will be posted as she finishes them but because of her inability to produce I don't want to leave you guys hanging for months on end.

So from here on out you will have a choice, you can read the first edited draft of a chapter if you want and read the final product whenever it comes out or you can just hold out for the final product without reading the first edit version. This will make me feel a bit better becasue I'll know that at the very least there is something out there for you guys to read on a much more regular basis and if you choose to wait for the final version then I know that you are doing so voluntarily and it will take a bit of weight off my conscious.

I hope every is cool with this new format and feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions concerns or complaints regarding it.

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