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Big Hero 6 · 12:56am Nov 21st, 2014

Sooo this is the movie everyone is hyped about. advertised as the same writers who brought us Wreck it Ralph



Hiro this is the only character the move wants you to care about and let's be honest he was basically made to be likable

why the hell is he the hero again? bot fights might be illegal but again what did the other guy do that was so bad? that hiro didin't do?

TLDR Hiro conned this guy out of alot of money he has a right to be pissed I would be to

But enough about that hes your standard genius kid vast potential going to waste (for a drinking game take a shot everytime you think of ironman two if you can insert lines from ironman over whats being said in the movie (bonus shot if you can sound like drunk tony while doing it)

the only idea that isn't really wasn't taken from the wasted potential school of protagonists is his parents arin't dead.... oh wait that's his aunt. got that covered too


A healthcare robot designed by hiro's brother and who basically carries the film Scott Adsit did a great job and is the star of the whole movie with one exception ill get to him next.

the animation and writing and scoot's delivery are all perfect for baymax were all enjoyable and some of the best parts of the movie.

Hiro's bro (takashi)

except of course Daniel Henny as takashi I can believe hiro's reactions to the first act of the movie tanks to him the scenes were henny is present are my personal favorite the whole first arc are my favorite parts

The rest.

The villain is a villain the back up are there the girls aren't love interests (thankfully) the red herring is predictable and no one cares about the aunt NEXT

oh wait were are done with characters? good.


Hiro is a bored genius (take a shot) hes smart but he has no outlet so of course his energy is directed into illegal betting on robot fights which he partakes in (real steel anyone?) our hiro (ha?) shows up with his shitty looking bot named megabot and asks this guy if he can play the girl replying with it's pay to play to which he offers up a crinkled up ball of cash bills to which the fat guy offers up his cash and the fight starts megabot is slaughtered which was when i groaned because i knew what was coming hiros bot has separated into clean pieces undamaged but they are literally just separated as predicted hiro offers up a much cleaner looking roll of money saying this was my fist fight can i go again i got more money

the greedy guy grins and doesn't even ask how hiro's gonna fight since his bot it presumably too damaged to fight anymore the fight starts and megabot reassembles trashes the other bot and hiro makes stupid remarks while pocketing the cash (are we supposed to root for him really? aside from the illegal fight that's con artistry ) hiro's about to get stuffed inside a bodybag which takashi rides in on a motorcycle to save hiro and chew him out for being a dumbass the rescue i cut short as both are arrested. YUP our hero is actually a criminal YAY

brotherly speach yadda yadda takashi takes hiro to his college "Nerd School" which amazes hiro and admittedly it was enjoyable for how short it was we also meet the rest of the cast Speedfreak nerdgirl tokenblackguy and fanboy who show hiro what they are working on which get's him excited enough to rethink his stance on nerd school takashi takes him to their professor and mentor who basically reverse psychology hiro which i laughed at and hiro asks takashi how to get in Takashi explains that every year they basically scout science fairs for promising students which leads hiro to make the microbot a mcguffian which leads him to amazing everyone and winning an application to the school HOWEVER the place is on fire now takashi goes back in to save the professor explosion and funeral.

(if the movie isn't gonna treat this with any subtlety why should I) Takashi is dead the professor guy is dead the microbots are gone hiro is depressed and throws his application in the trash. which i suppose is at least realistic would you really want to go to the school where your brother went who just died because you wanted to get in ?

Hiro stubs his toe (yes this is a plot point) which activates Baymax Takashi's project at the school a personal care bot that is chalk full of the technology from IRobot im not kidding but isn't actually evil after a short exchange baymax wanders off with the one remaining microbot which has been activated using it as a sort of compass hiro chases after leading them to a werehouse where some machines are mass producing his microbots controlled by a guy in a kabuki mask using the microbots to admittedly try to kill hiro (as in I actually felt hiro was in danger) baymax and hiro escape hiro put some armor on baymax and programs karate in (matrix style) and due to baymax takashi's friends show up alerting the villian to their presence A chase scene later and the superfan takes them to his mansion where Hiro takes a page out of Victor's book and begins THE GLORIOUS EVOLUTION by modifying each nerd's projects into superhero costumes and powers blackguy can cut things speedfreek goes fst nerdgirl throws balls of subtance at things with varying effects oh and nerdfan wears a monster costume with a flamthrower built in and can superjump for some reason (which is cool and feels original props to man of action for that) hiro makes a blue version of baymaxes armor and pants baymax's red baymax can now fly and like all proper robots has a rocket fist (all robots need rocket fists) they track down the villian fight and fail because poor teamwork and through a mishap remove his mask to discover THE PROFESSOR?

Ok im gonna be honest here I expected the brother not the evil business dude (who is an obvious red herring) turns out evil business guy had a science project that is basically stargate combined with an aperture portal he throws some guys hat in and it comes out the other side fine proving it works IM ASSUMING they did other tests as well small animals probably and such because id like to point this out now they send a pilot through this pilot i s the professors daughter shit happens and the portal she is supposed to come out of shuts off the professor plans to use the microbots to kill evil business guy because agnst hiro is taken aback of course telling the professor that takashi died trying to save him and the professor in a monment of heartles bastard basically says that takashi's death is takashi's fault and fuck you tiny child who i was actually kind to last act

Hiro is of course pissed and removes bay max's healthcare programming and telling it to destroy the professor flees picking up his mask which controls the microbots and fleeing while baymax does a great terminator impression
the backup slow baymax down and nerdgirl puts the healthcare chip back in hiro whines and leaves returning to his garage lab to remove baymax's good chip again (anyone remember astro boy the blue vs red core that's basically what it is except the blue core is a green chip) baymax keeps the programming chip port shut and plays some video of takashi working on baymax hiro is cheered up the backup arrives and they go after the professor again who is using the microbots to reconstruct one side of the gate planning to send evil business guy through as revenge


the portal dropsbaymax registers a life form hiro and baymax fly through the portal to retrieve the professors daughter they find her ship and start pushing it back through the portal baymax is hit by debris his thrusters are offline and in an admittedly sad scene hiro tells baymax that he was happy with his healthcare servaces which allow baymax to use his rocket fist to push hiro and the ship through sacrificing himself for his patient

EXXXXXCEPTTTTTTTT Hiro is a fucking genius hiro you moron he does not need the greenchip to fire his rocket fist

well eitherway somehow they pry the robot arm off the ship without the greenchip falling out of it's hand close it again so hiro can discover baymax is smarter and sent the greenchip through with his arm allowing hiro to just build a new body (which ruins the whole self sacrifice ending thing)

Final thoughts
Big hero 6 is not the next Wreck It Ralph it's admittedly a fun watch and you can have a good time but it's lazy predictable the characters are underdeveloped

But it could be a lot worse the voicing is good the animation is great worth a watch but please stop hyping the shit out of it it's nothing too special.

My rating
Round 2:Angry Face

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