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    Total edit's 3

    Today I want to blog about my OC Chalice not that anyone reads these but typing something out is often a good way to think things through.

    Ok so to start what the heck is a OC.

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OC:Chalice · 7:16am Mar 24th, 2013

Total edit's 3

Today I want to blog about my OC Chalice not that anyone reads these but typing something out is often a good way to think things through.

Ok so to start what the heck is a OC.

It stands for Original Character it's exactly what it sounds like a character from a fandom that is not canon OP is also sometimes used (Original Pony) but it can often be confused with the other OP (Overpowered) another term for meaning your character is turning into a Mary/Marty Sue.

Soooo Chalice who is she.
She has a Royal blue coat,cyan and blonde two tone mane, a matching tail and a Grail as her cutie mark which stands for in it's most basic Wisdom.

Her mother is GlimmerStone A pony of very minor nobility and her Father is unknown to both of them.She was also raised by TinselWreath and her daughter (still much older then Chalice) SliverBeat Both of which earth ponys who live with them.

She went to a commoner school but kept mostly to herself preferring to be alone with her thoughts finding a increasing interest in history and past events upon reading many old tomes on the battle that took place between Celestia and Luna way wayyy back she did a report on it for her class stating several hypothesis and earning her cutie mark at a unusually young age.

As the years passed she did very little with her life she moved out as young mares are want to do and set off to support herself finding little odd jobs she could find not finding any that really called to her as a passion though enjoying her short lived foalsitting career meeting two ponies she would call friends CranberryCrape and HerbTea and her job as a newspony meeting Whiteout she ultimately quit them looking for her one true calling.

A year of job searching she receives a letter in her mail a request for her attendance to Canterlot Castle apparently her status as "Very Minor Nobility" still got her some recognition Apparently the old archivist had passed on without someone trained and ready to take over as in the Royal Archivist any pony with any relation to nobility and even passing knowledge in equestrian history had been sent a request to attend testing for a new Chalice could feel it in her cutie mark this was the job for her she and a few other ponies there volunteered for training and the opportunity to provide a lifetime service three years of training pass (ill not bore you with three years of BOOK) needless to say Chalice takes the place of the old Archivist now LoreKeeper Chalice at Canterlot's Royal Library.

Misc info.

She prefers Luna to Celestia having met them both she find Celestia's 1000 years of ruling alone has left her a little off when interacting with her only known of family.

When she needs a way to stay up longer she tends to drink hot sauce.

She has a partially strained relationship with her mother. Partially due to Chalice not visiting her often Partially due to her position of Royal Archivist puts her in a position of some sway to the noble ponies something her mother never liked.

She has a half sister Trident Longshot (an OC that belongs to my real sister)

She is studying Simple and Advanced Battle Magic~~for the most part she failed at this she learned a few spells that her low magic power can handle. She is now studying Runewarding.

Her position as Royal Archivist comes with Arcana Silk Robes a all purpose fabric that can be redesigned as many times as one wishes and it will remember that from allowing it to serve as many different clothing items she also enchanted it against dirt and tearing.She was quite happy when she was told of their power though due to it's limitations it will always be the same colors (White and Gold).

So far it's been redesigned into : her RoyalArchivist Robes,Scarf,Hat,Cloak, Sash,Dress (I may describe these in more detail later)

Her spell list is as follows

Sunray : one of her few attack magics a searing blast from the horn with varying degrees of intensity long and focused it can be hot enough to sear flesh bright enough to be a light source (though horn glow can do that too) and heat water purifying dirty water or maybe heating soup.

FrostRay : Essentially the other end of the spectrum used to freeze things dropping well below zero if the caster is strong enough. pretty much the same spell only making things colder then hotter.

Horn Glow illuminate the casters horn into a bright light while Sunray has to be focused like a flashlight HornGlow or simply Glow illuminates a large area around the caster stronger casters can make the light blinding this more powerful version of Glow is often called Flash.

Telekinesis all unicorns possess this spell also called Levitate a battle version of this spell exists conjuring a hand of pure magic crushing the captives between it's fingers called Magic hand or Grasping fingers.

Blast. it's name is slightly misleading it does not explode so much as cause a rip in the air a wall of air so thick it sends objects flying away. any unicorn with this spell mainly uses it to knock projectiles out of the way instead of catching and reversing their direction or simply dropping them which is much more taxing and requires focus on every projectile the unicorn intends to catch.

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