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Geek boy, aspiring writer, and proud Brony with a story to tell.

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  • Sunday
    So close. I was *so*...*close*...

    Thanks mostly to an ungodly huge DeviantArt backlog that only got bigger as the day went on, I was unable to sit down and finish that last Vignette. I'm beginning to think I need to reduce my presence on that site, if only to cut down on the backlog. Already dropped one guy today who routinely posts several dozen images a day, and something tells me there's more to trim.

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  • Wednesday
    Getting better.

    Issues on my end are being resolved. No more headaches to worry about in the wake of my most recent brush with credit card fraud (three in one lifetime, how does that happen?), writing is getting done, I'm feeling better. Generally speaking.

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  • 1 week
    It's been a rough week.

    Between headaches at work related to a new co-manager and the repaving of a parking lot, my third brush with credit card fraud in my lifetime, and headaches related to my housemates, I have not had a good time this week. Word of advice, folks - if your roomie suddenly decides to let someone live with you indefinitely, without consulting you, it might well be a warning sign...especially if they do

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  • 2 weeks
    Never Forget. Also, progress.

    It's the nineteenth anniversary of 9/11. Never Forget.

    Also, the second of the four Vignettes is complete. Yay!

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  • 2 weeks
    Chugging along.

    Started work on the second of this month's four planned Vignettes today. This one will be the first of the four to be posted, however. Just how the timing worked out, alas.

    I get the sad feeling I'll never be able to put them out in chronological order, unlike the regular series.

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Look at me, here I am... · 12:51am Nov 16th, 2014

...hopefully, right where I belong.

Hello out there, fimfiction.net! Yes, I am that idiot, but I'm a reformed idiot. Anyway, I'm happy to be here at last, and I look forward to sharing my Pony-based writings and the assorted original characters I've created with a wider audience. Hopefully, what I've got won't offend too many.

Be assured, however, I already have stuff waiting and ready to go for all of you. I just hope that I get as positive a reception for my works here as I did on DeviantArt.

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