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Everything requires time.

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    ...Hello. Sorry.


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    Question: TY beanies

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    Is it just me?

    ...It looks like they are questioning everything I do...

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    Did anyone else see the MLP reference in Dr Who tonight?

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Tonight I ride... · 11:04am Oct 31st, 2014

Everyone knows of halloween, I'm sure of that.
However, I shall not be partaking in this merriment. I shall be doing a charity cycle ride around Central London (That's where I am) and raising money for the London Air Ambulance.
Check me out here on JustGiving or see the event page or find out more about the London Air Ambulance!
It starts at 11:30PM and I'll be going 80KM around some of the 'most haunted parts of London', so wish me luck...if you don't mind:fluttershysad:
Also, here's what I'm riding...

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Comments ( 8 )

2566518 thank you, I'm worried about the fact that it's 80k...

2566551 You'll be alright, don't worry. :scootangel:

2566560 *Gulp*
Also, 've just realised that I haven't shown you what I'm cycling...

2566601 Sorry for the bad quality

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