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Everything requires time.

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    ...It looks like they are questioning everything I do...

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Where have I been · 3:11pm Jun 2nd, 2015

Now that's a good question. Here's the answer:


I realized that my entire life's dream of being a paramedic now solely rest on me actually passing Physics. For example, I need a B, C and a C as a bare minimum to even think about becoming one, and that's for the lowest entry requirement university. Others want A, A, B and similar. After realising that I spend FAR too much time online, I locked myself indoors to actually study. Well, I actually changed the settings on my router to block fimfiction.net, youtube.com, bbc.co.uk/iplayer, and a whold bunch others, then randomised a password and gave it to my father to keep until now. It's nice going from a U to a D, but it still won't cut it. So, yeah. That's where I've been. I'll be intermittant until these are over and other stuff gets sorted out (like getting my life back together (I'm in full-time education, and have a job on Saturday and Sunday, meaning I have no free time)).

To those that I have wronged or missed deadlines by literally months, I am truly sorry.


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