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    Long time no see, my friends and readers.

    I have been away from this fandom and this website wayyyyyy too long, for various reasons. But now I feel like it's a good time to come back and get back into the fanfiction game, especially as I have a new story in the works now!

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    So... it has been a while.

    Apologies for that, but with university, a whole buch of side projects, and not really any new ideas for stories coming up recently I've been a bit dormant on here. But I thought I'd share with you, my lovely readers, a bit of awesome news:

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    The Tears of Gaia- The Audio Play Adaptation, help needed!!

    Hey out there, my dear readers!

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    MLP Season 5 Premiere London Pubmeet!

    Just a heads up to anyone out there who might be interested, be they friend, fan or whatever, I'm gonna be at the season 5 premiere pubmeet in London, England tomorrow. It's at the Horse and Stables pub near Waterloo station, from 12 noon onwards pretty much until closing time, and the premiere itself starts at 4pm GMT. If anyone wants to come and find me, feel free to do so!

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Happy Second Birthday, Tears of Gaia!!! · 10:26am Sep 15th, 2014

Just realised that, as of today, Tears of Gaia has been going for exactly 2 years... Wow.

I mean, wow, seriously, that is pretty amazing. When I started this story I never thought it would last this long or get this popular. And to all you guys who read this, I simply have to say thank you, thank you so much! And especially thanks to those who have been following this story and reading it right from the beginning. If it weren't for you guys, I doubt it would have gotten this far.

So to commemorate this occasion, I'll be drawing up a new cover-image which will be added with the next new chapter. Until then, thanks again to all of you, my beloved readers. I truly love you all!!!

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