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  • 312 weeks
    We're Still Alive, Here

    There's been radio silence for a while, but we're back on the air! Write-off this weekend. 72 hour deadline. 7 days for public voting. Standard stuff.

    In keeping with write-off protocol, I'd like anyone even thinking of participating to post below saying so. I'll add you to the list so that there's some sense of the number of people participating.

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  • 326 weeks
    Minific Contest This Weekend

    Starts Sun, 23 Jun 02:00 UTC. 400–750 word limit. 24 hours of writing time. 7 days of public voting. Click here for more info.

    I heard people like these, so here ya go. Good luck.

    3 comments · 262 views
  • 329 weeks
    Oh crap I almost forgot about you guys!

    I'm really bad with that.

    There's a write-off happening this weekend! It's starting in less than 3 days. Full details here.

    Standard fare. 72 hours of writing. 10 day public voting round (slightly longer than usual).

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    7 comments · 281 views
  • 340 weeks
    Back to your standard programming

    We haven't had a regular old write-off for some time now, so next weekend is going back to basics: a worded prompt and a 72 hour deadline. No messy business.

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    22 comments · 539 views
  • 346 weeks
    Is This Thing On?

    A new contest is happening... right now! Prompt voting has like 30 minutes left, if you want a say in that. Writing lasts for the standard 3 days.

    It's mature-allowed, and there's a prelim round, so you might end up reading some NSFW stuff if you enter.

    Details: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/13

    Good luck!

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New Event Announced · 3:11am Jun 8th, 2012

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