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  • 32 weeks
    Free at last!

    Fuck Putin, I'm free! I fled Russia and now I'm happy citisen of another, much better country! I can speak freely about anything! About that lunatic's terrible war to Ukraine, about censorship, about oppression and fear, anything and everything I experienced in Russia! Ask questions, if you want, now I can answer, because I'm finally free!

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  • 82 weeks
    A little story _4

    Pa Khan started mobilization. It's terrible and terrifying, death lottery, who will be caught and sent to die in the war against their will. It may be my last post, I don't know what will happen next. I don't want to kill and/or be killed. Wish me luck in hiding from this.

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  • 83 weeks
    A little story _3

    Pa Khan is desperate, he needs more cannon fodder. Ponies of Land of Burch don't enthusiastically run to enlist in his army, so he started using prisoners from his many jails. Killers, rapists and others. It's terrible for so many reasons I don't know where to start. It's essentially a slave army. Also it will torture peaceful ponies of the Land of Fields even more than regular army did. It's

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  • 94 weeks
    The Trolley Problem in Land of Birch

    Imagine yourself living in the Land of Birch now. You're against the war, but you're powerless to stop it. You're, for example, a neurosurgeon. And you own clinic that makes neurosurgery.

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  • 94 weeks
    Newspeak of Land of Birch

    Propaganda and censorship. Sacred traditions from the time of Red Empire (and censorship is even older!), carefully kept by government through the history of this land. Combined, they produce Newspeak. It's used to calm populace down, to smooth out the perception of sharp events. Also to humiliate enemy, be it inner enemy (opposition and/or thinking people) or outer (anyone, literally anyone else

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My little head-canon: the matters of Equestria's national security · 10:14am Aug 5th, 2014

In my previous blog post I explained my vision about some things with body transformations in the show. Now I will explain, how this thing affected Equestrian government and why it works the way it is in the show.

When Luna transformed to Nightmare Moon, it happened because of her mental issues and unhappiness. Envy, bitterness, feeling of uselessness and exclusion... And many other things. That was explosive cocktail, and it surely exploded. In human world such explosion usually appear as suicide or shooting in school, or some other act of aggression, inner or outer. But in pony world, where magic exists, inner aggression transformed Luna, almost killed her as person (aka suicide), and then outer aggression... well, you all saw it in show. Shooting, castle destruction, attempt to kill, attempt to usurp throne, attempt to make night eternal (and starve everypony to death, because herbivore's food can't grow without sun)... It was very bad case, and I doubt Luna recovered fully even after purification by Elements.
But I digress. Luna's case was very bad because of her very bad emotional state, extreme unhappiness. But, according to my previous post, such thing can happen to everypony who have enough bottled negative emotions inside. This... err... Little Nightmare (I don't think it's good term, but for now it will work, and if you can think better one - say in comments, and I'll change it) will not be as powerful and dangerous as Nightmare Moon, but around will be ordinary ponies, not the powerful Alicorn of the Sun. Casualties will be disastrous. So keeping her little ponies happy is not the matter of kindness, it's the matter of national security (well, kindness helps too). After her sister's banishment Celestia worked hard to make system where such extreme unhappiness will not appear in anypony. She even made Day Court accessible to commoners, so everypony can come and tell her what bothering them. And slavery is forbidden for same reason. And public health service was made. And many others improvements to society system. That's why Equestria have such strange tech and social level - the things not needed to raise level of happiness advanced slowly, but the things necessary for making ponies more happy was sponsored by the crown and were upgraded swiftly.

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