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  • 231 weeks
    rip Scootaloo's Parents Are.

    Yeah it's not getting finished, sorry.

    Don't expect much activity from my account anymore either. If I ever do start writing fanfiction again it'll be with a clean slate on a new account.

    This is Ravenguardian17, signing off.

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  • 306 weeks

    So I as you noticed Half Monster just got cancelled along with Pony and Blade: Warband. I actually stopped working on these things a long time ago but I never made it official. So, now it is. But for all of you who like Half Monster, don't fret. I'm taking large chunks (the god bits anyway) of the plot of it and moving it into a new story in a new settling with new characters and stuff like that.

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  • 311 weeks

    Chapter 3 is out and ready for you to read it!

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  • 311 weeks
    It's Happening...

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  • 313 weeks
    New Ending

    For those of you who are really really really anticipated for chapter 3 I changed the ending of chapter 2 to better fit with the new version of chapter 3. Go read that if you want but it's only like 3 extra sentences.

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It's Happening... · 5:47pm Jun 15th, 2014

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