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FiM Fiction Review: The Equestrian Origins (Part One): These Flowers Never Bloom · 1:07am May 28th, 2014

Welcome back, internet travelers! I'm taking on another little endeavor to brighten things up in our imaginary offices. I introduce to you, the reader, my latest shenanigans: series reviews! Just kidding… I know it's not all that exciting. Worth mentioning though: For the next few weeks, we'll be putting Cerulean Voice’s Equestrian Origins Trilogy under the microscope and reviewing all three stories. With that incredibly important piece of news: onwards to the review! These Flowers Never Bloom, the first of three stories diving into the very origin of Equestria is, surprisingly, rather solid. It definitely has its moments with some fascinating imagery and solid dialogue. However, things start to get awfully troublesome in the character arc department when clunky pacing and some bland main characters combine to make things stagnate. Either way, I recommend you take a look at it. Head down below the break for my review of Cerulean Voice’s These Flowers Never Bloom!

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These Flowers Never Bloom by Cerulean Voice
Complete! (Completed on 16th Nov 2013)

Will you remember me as the one from the trees, when the forest used to sing?

Bound to the Earth, specifically his domain the Everfree forest, an invisible guardian roams endlessly. He has been so alone, for so very long, wandering. But it was not always so. He was once proud, with his partner Rose the weaver of dreams at his side. Until the grand deception that not only tainted him and his precious forest, but shaped the very land of Equestria as we know it. Now for the first time, we will see and understand the mythos behind the creation of the Everfree forest, told through the Lord of Woe's personal journal: the Chronicles of Woe. Read it here.

Tags: Tragedy - Rating: Teen (for mild language)
Word Count: 16,244 words total

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Read the full review here.

Sidenote - One Year of Reviews: Last Sunday (May 18th) marks the one-year anniversary of Problematic Reviews! Thank you for making this year awesome for all us!!!

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Sweet! One year doing this sounds awesome! :D I'll just read that review you got. :)

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