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FiM Fiction Review: On Time for a Change · 11:05pm Jul 26th, 2014

Welcome back, internet travelers! It appears we're having an unofficial comedy week here as this is the second comedy I have reviewed and the second time I took the schedule as a complete joke! Yeah… Just give no regard to the calendar for now. I'll have it fixed by The Sword Coast! Promise! Jumping in, LordSmokedMeatsandFishes's On Time for a Change follows the story of Pendulum, an expert in logistics, as he tries to fix Ponyville's Winter Wrap Up problem. He runs into the inevitable roadblocks and humor ensues. Unfortunately, On Time for a Change has a great setup but is inhibited by its own setbacks. Pendulum is the stereotypical unlikeable Manehatten businessman and the story is rather ill-paced and badly executed. Everything else is not at all memorable or clever, making for an overall lackluster read. Head below the break for my review of On Time for a Change by LordSmokedMeatsandFishes.

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On Time for a Change by LordSmokedMeatandFishes
Incomplete (last updated on 25th June 2014)

Pendulum lived a comfortable routine for an up and coming efficiency company in Manehatten. That routine was shattered when he was sent to a new client that could put them on the map.

A little town called Ponyville.

Oh sure they had sent their request late giving Pendulum only a day to get there and organize a schedule. Sure the records they sent were disorganized at best. Sure they hadn't come close to succeeding for over 70 years. But really, how difficult could it be?
Pendulum would soon come to regret those words... Read it here.

Tags: Comedy, Slice of Life - Rating: Everyone
Word Count: 18,662 words total

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Read the full review here.

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