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I am but a humble weaver of words hoping to expand the loom of understanding. What are we but strings in a greater fabric?

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  • 80 weeks
    SOSDreams Pony Video Game Visual Novel Chapter 0

    Whoa? Firstly, hi. I am alive or something close to it. Remember that project I said I was working on with a few of my friends? We've got something solid and concrete now. The foundation has been set. Chapter 0 is done. We made a small splash at Bronycon too. It's been the culmination of many years work. Thanks to the reception and support. I'm making Chapter 0 Free to Play! No download code.

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  • 206 weeks
    Film Recommendation Zootopia: A Compelling Allegory and Story upon Race.

    Disney historically has done very poorly upon portraying race. From the racist crows (A reference to Jim Crow) in Dumbo to the whitewashed sanitized Pocahontas that neglected the part with the rape, genocide, and deadly diseases, Disney has many more examples of racial insensitivity to say the least. It's surprising then that they've produced Zootopia, a film that tackles race relations with

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  • 217 weeks
    Lunacy of Love *Final* Chapter Released! Spike and Luna's Ending!

    Thanks for all your support to make it possible Lunacy of Love now has its final chapter. Check it out here. Link!

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  • 218 weeks
    Lunacy of Love Ending Rescheduled!

    The final chapters of our long running saga will be postponed to be released Next Friday. A good donor has helped extend my time budget therefore allowing me to incorporate elements I'd scrapped due to the limited time budget. Thanks for your patience.

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  • 219 weeks
    *LAST* Lunacy of Love Chapter 25 Released!

    It's not the end but you can see it from here. :twilightsmile: The 25th Chapter of Lunacy of Love is now available for viewing. It's short for a reason, because how it continues will be up to you! Thanks to the out-pour of support, the original plan for multiple endings will take place.

    Oh and meet Freya, she's a scythe swinging, ole' timey talking, avatar of death.

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Giant Update! New Chapter and Artwork! · 6:28pm May 16th, 2014

A desperate struggle ensues in the 12th installment of Lunacy of Love now released! Link!

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