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  • 385 weeks
    Update - First chapter complete!

    There goes my first revision - see if you like the new 1st chapter!

    The second is on it's way!

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  • 386 weeks
    A decision: updates on writing.

    I continue to be split a hundred different ways, but it has come to my attention that "An Equestrian Engineer" sorely needs a re-write.

    JetGrey, the OC I adopted post-fic as my ponysona, was simply not representing the image and ideal he was in my mind. The clash of determination verses self-doubt was entirely muddled in a story that wandered a bit to far in the end.

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  • 410 weeks
    Speeding up - and look at this

    Phew. Chapter 7 is done! What this means is that I can start the tailspin into madness - those are my favorites...

    I've got some more time this week to write, and I plan to use it. Depending on how schedules work out, you might even see a new chapter by Sunday night. Maybe.

    Well, enough of that! Dark Aura (you remember him, right?) has come out with 2 new stories!

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  • 416 weeks
    Status and Promotion

    It's been a while since you've heard from me. I have been writing still - and I'm picking over the next chapter now. However, this isn't about my progress.

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  • 441 weeks
    A Great Artist!

    Or: An Expression of Appretiation

    Seto1337, a very talented artist on Deviant Art, has just risen to the task of drawing a Rule 63 version of my OC, JetGrey. After careful consideration (and some good help naming, Dark Aura!), I've named this fine work "GaugeGray".

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Update - First chapter complete! · 6:39am May 1st, 2014

There goes my first revision - see if you like the new 1st chapter!

The second is on it's way!

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