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Love Songs in the Key of FiM: RariLight and AppleShy · 5:58pm Apr 24th, 2014

For those who may not have been around long enough to know—or who’ve just forgotten—I have a long-running project, entitled Love Songs in the Key of FiM, to write and record a love song for each of the fifteen different Mane Six ships. Up to now, I’ve posted songs for RainbowPie, RariJack, FlutterDash, AppleDash, TwiPie, RariShy, TwiDash, RariDash, FlutterPie, TwiJack, and ApplePie.

Here are the songs I just recorded and uploaded for RariLight and AppleShy. I am especially pleased with the RariLight song—I think it’s by far the best I’ve written, so far, as well as the song that has my best singing.

The entire album can be found on my SoundCloud page. Hope you enjoy!

"Let Me Be Your Knight" (RariLight)
(YouTube) (SoundCloud)

SPECIAL THANKS go to EarthSong9405, who helped inspire this song during a conversation we had over on her dA page about Rarity and Twilight.

Once upon a time
A long, long time ago
Lived a princess fair
Beautiful, head to toe
Wise and brave was she
And strong and kind and true
With shaking voice she told me,
"Your highness, I love you"

"Let me be your knight," she said
"Let me serve you faithfully
To love a princess, not to become,
I know now is my destiny”

But I smiled in return
And gently shook my head
I took her hoof in my own
And this is what I said:
"I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong
Destiny, you see, is fake
Fate is not what happens to us
But is something that we make”

"You cannot be my knight," I said
"Because you’re a princess to me
Let me be your knight, instead
And I will serve you faithfully”

"Let me be your knight," she said
"And I’ll be your princess too
As long as you are by my side
There’s nothing I can’t do”

"Let me be your knight," we said
"To protect you like a mighty tree
And you can be my knight, as well
And do the same for me”

And so it was, and so it went
In that kingdom now long past
We lived well, and we loved well
The years went by so fast
I kept my word and my faith
And I stayed there by her side
"I love you," I told her
As she smiled before she died.

"Sweet dreams, my knight," I said
"Where you go now, remember me
And I’ll remember you, my love
And how you served so faithfully.”

"Never You Fear" (AppleShy)
(YouTube) (SoundCloud)

Step by step
Mile by mile
Hang on tight
It’ll be just a while

I’ll get you up
This mountain, my dear
Just hold on
And never you fear

Step by step
Inch by inch
Somehow I’ll find
A way to not flinch

I’ll save you from
This dragon, my dear
Just hold on
And never you fear

Stick with me
And I’ll never let you down
I’d move mountains just
To keep you safe and sound
You give me strength
To persevere
And you chase away
The shadows and the fear
You chase away
The shadows and the fear

Little by little
Bit by bit
We’ll figure out
How we each fit

Apples and animals
Both are near and dear
But we’ll make this work
Never you fear

It’s just a hop, skip,
And a jump to over there
Somehow I’ll prove myself
Worthy to be your mare

Though the way is murky
One thing is clear
We’ll figure this out
Never you fear

So hang onto me
And I’ll hang onto you
We’ll be okay
As long as we stay true
True to one another
True to what’s sincere
So just hang on
And never you fear
Hang on, hang on,
And never you fear.

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This is a really cool idea, and all of the ones I've listened to so far are really fitting for the ships. Awesome job. :ajsmug:

Yay! I'm glad you think so. I do worry that not all of them are happy and that people might take offense if their OTPs got one of those--but none of these songs are meant to be THE interpretation of the ship (not even my own personal head canon) but simply AN interpretation of the ship.


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