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I like girls with dicks, if you couldn't notice. Also stories that are stupid but amusing. And stupidly amusing stories involving girls with dicks. And sometimes without dicks.

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The Grand Equestrian Futa Wrestling League · 4:58am Feb 23rd, 2014

So, earlier this week, I pitched the idea of a Futa Wrestling League to the Futaquestria group in this thread. The idea seems to have struck a chord with some people, such as Marshal Twilight, who has gone ahead and started (with my approval) a story based on the ruleset I came up with.

This is good, because I'm busy and have too many other things to do, and probably won't get around to writing a futa wrestling story for quite a while yet. So in the meantime go check out what he has so far. And if you have suggestions for the ruleset, or for alternate rulesets or whatever, go to the thread I linked above to suggest stuff. It would be pretty awesome if this whole futa wrestling league becomes a thing.

And yes, I am working on stuff. It's just going slowly because I'm a lazy ass.

But seriously, go check out those links if you think that this is something you're interested in.

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I can attest to the story being of good quality. I spent hours editing and polishing every aspect of it. :twilightblush:

Damn, that's the kind of stupidawesome idea that could get me to write some clop...

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