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    Late June Update

    Hello all~

    Just wanting to give you a head's up with the next chapter of my current story: it'll be out this weekend~

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    Late April Update~

    Hello all~

    Just giving you an update regarding my next story series. I am going to release it within the next few days as I've finished the prologue that will start Spike's new story as he travels to Canterlot~ It's been quite some time since we've experienced Spike's crazy post-birthday.

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    Updates~ April edition~

    Que pasa y'all?

    Hahah, I just wanted to give you all an update following my recent completion with Completely Taboo and the one-shot I just posted a few days ago, A colorful history.

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    I am sorry and goodbye.

    Hi everyone, I am sorry for not finishing my current story nor keeping with my promises but I realized that the quality of the chapters that I was going to post seemed 'rushed' and not to my liking. Also, today is the day that I leave for two months so you will have to wait a little longer for the other promises that I had. I am glad that I was able to give you a few chapters.

    Bye all~

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    In the navy~

    So once again I went unannounced on why I haven't giving an update to any of my stories nor a notice of my long-term absence. Well frankly after becoming frustrated with the lack of work, I decided to join the Navy.

    So good bye to my fro,

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'Controversial' themed story~ · 2:11am Jan 5th, 2014

Hi all~

As I requested before, I asked for your opinions on what kind of story to write next. Well I am letting you know that I am going to release 2 stories (one a one shot, the another the start of a small series) that I am just about done with, but I want to add another one shot in the mix since I've been more productive with my writing.

Aside from what some of you wrote in my last blog, I got a nice amount of PMs with advice on what you all may want to see. It was mostly around these things:

Incest, 'Foalcon', Cheating, and Rape (actual rape with no misunderstandings; you won't be confused unlike how some of you say that Shining Armor 'raped' Twilight when she said that he was her first in 'A different type of greed...' when it wasn't rape).

Controversial themed, I've been asked to do something that is off the mainstream line of stories and I am actually open to these ideas. Hell, I may even do spinoffs from my current/future series (like if you wanted the story behind how Shinning Armor took his sister's virginity in 'A different type of greed...', or if say, Mrs. Cake cheated on her husband, etc.)

But I am letting you all know that I would like to try something such as these because I am that open-minded. If you're not comfortable to post your reply here, you can PM me and I will once again NOT tell who has been suggesting; I respect your privacy~

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Be interesting to see the Shining and Twilight one mentioned in 'A different type of greed'.

I really really want to see a story where cadence cheats on shining. There aren't any stories like that as far as I know.

Frankly, I'm more interested in a sequel to 'A Different Type of Greed'. After all, the girls did say they were willing to 'share'? Plus, I would like to know if the CMC are liking to join in.


There are plans for a sequel but a group sex isn't exactly 'taboo' or 'controversial' as it was anymore.

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