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  • 615 weeks
    Oh hai

    Been a while since i wrote on here so lets get down to business shall we?

    Chapter 8 status: COMPLETE BUT UNEDITED

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  • 630 weeks

    Summer is here!

    well for me at least, which also means i am graduated from high school! yay! :D

    and do you know what that means? more updates for you fine people to read, in fact i`m going to start writing the new chapter soon!

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  • 631 weeks
    A Wild Chapter Update Appeared!

    It's super effective!
    Chapter Update has Published!

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  • 632 weeks

    So just a quick question for anybody following me/favouriting Strange Winds, anybody got Xbox Live? :D

    P.S. ANND if you do would you be so kind to leave it below or PM me it? :D then i can add you and we shall play like never befo

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  • 636 weeks
    Caelum Feels Bad

    So yeah, i guess i HAVE been a tad bit silent in the past lil while and i greatly resent that and i know one person especially has been noticing these disappearances (Howitzer) annd so just saying sorry for that, also Chapter 7 is in the works but it is proving to be harder to write due top the fact of *groan* homework -__- which sucks ASS! I really look forward to hearing what you have to say

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Chapter 6 + Fimchievments · 3:12am Apr 25th, 2012

New chapter for Strange Winds will be updated tonight! :D look forwards to finding out your job and awesomeness :) also i bet you that i will make you do something while reading ;)

Anyways onto the topic of Fimchievements (Mine and Howitzer's idea for the site) I did send a PM to knighty to check it out on the blog post, and the message was read but i never got a reply back :\ debating next move currently open to suggestions?

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Get a bigger boat... Oh, wait. This isn't Jaws...
And, First.

no response from knighty?
as to the other question... i got nothing.
but most importantly, have fun with whatever happens.

Setup a Petition!

Nope none unfortunately and meh oh well at least Chapter 6 is done :D

:pinkiegasp: that's an awesome idea! I shall set about to writing it out ASAP!

85155 Me and my brilliant ideas.

85169 Yes, you and you're super awesome ideas

If this Fimcheivements idea works, I will be very happy.

I comment with my secondary account, because that's the way I like it.
Also, I'm having problems that kind of happen on occasion.
Whenever I'm sitting alone, I hear familiar voices in my head saying my name over, and over, and over, and over, etc.
It's really creepy.

85844 :pinkiecrazy: DIIIIIIIGIIIIIIIT!

Whoops, I think I hear my mom calling.
Oh wait...

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