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  • 484 weeks

    Dear FimFiction readers,

    I have something very important to tell you. I am deeply in love with Braeburn. His mane is one of the main characteristics that I love about him. Yes, I'm gay for Braeburn.

    RainbowDash575 out

    PS It was a bet that I lost :( So I'm forced to love him...

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  • 484 weeks
    It's Been a While....

    Hello everyone,

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  • 488 weeks
    Procrastinating...among other things

    Well, I'll be honest. I am only writing this blog because I'm procrastinating from writing my story, but while procrastinating, I have come to several conclusions about the story I'm writing:

    1) My story is cliche as fuck.
    2) I'm shipping RD with an OC.
    3) It's unoriginal...to a point.
    4) It's dry...especially in the beginning.
    5) I'm a weirdo...making the story weird.

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  • 489 weeks
    Fluttershy Chapter Up!

    Hey everypony,

    The Fluttershy chapter is up. I would like to take a moment to give TheMightyT a brohoof for co-authoring this chapter. If you're a Bioshock fan, take the time to read his story. It's truly amazing!

    On a side note, I apologize for not posting sooner. Some things came up and it prevented me from writing this chapter. I'll try and update faster, but that isn't a promise.

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  • 491 weeks
    New Chapter and New Stories

    Greetings my faithful readers,

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It's Been a While.... · 6:16am Apr 23rd, 2012

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I posted a new chapter to my story. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my story. I just been so busy that I haven't found the time to write, so I hope you guys can forgive me. Balancing school, work, and a social life is a difficult thing (not to mention ponies). Anyways, I promise to post another chapter as soon as I can. I miss all of you and hope to hear from my followers soon. Enjoy the week.


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