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The Mane Six--the spirits of the Elements of Harmony--have saved the world on numerous occasions. To this day, they still protect their country and the Princesses from any threats. Who then, protects the Mane Six?

This is my first attempt at Second Person POV. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Friend-shipping is the main theme to this story, with a side of shipping later (I am incapable of writing a story that doesn't involve shipping. Terrible, I know).

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A human is transported to Equestria by Princess Celestia. She warns the human of her evil father, the creator and God of Equestria, will come to destroy the world he created. It's up to this human and the Mane 6 to defeat an all knowing, all powerful and immortal god. Princess Celestia sends the human off on different adventures to prepare for the upcoming battle. Each chapter reveals more about the character and the plot (no not that kind of plot).

The story starts slow, then picks up around chapter 3. OC X Rainbow Dash. This is my first story. It will never compare to the greatest of fanfics, but will hopefully be enjoyable.

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