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    Summer is here!

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    So just a quick question for anybody following me/favouriting Strange Winds, anybody got Xbox Live? :D

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The Curse of the Story Teller.... it has struck me · 8:38am Apr 20th, 2012

Yes! I have come down with a mild case of the blocking of my writing gene! Well more so hindering of it. This must be remedied somehow... hmmm but how?

Music? (suggestions below)

Read random fics? (unsure bout this one but yet again if y'think they could help below)

Go get out of the house and find something else to-PFFFFT hahahah sorry... but that just isn't an option. IS NOT, the outside world is strange; i have heard this from Howitzer who has apparently ventured into the light... AND RETURNED gasp!

but yeah if y'think you'll know something that could be of assistance post it!

(*NOTE* I like dub, electro, rock, rap [to degrees], irish folk [strange yes but i like it and it be good music], celtic punk, uhhh and many others!)

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Come check my blog everyday. It's where Howitzer gets his inspiring music.

77026 ...words cannot describe...how have i not seen this before?

77029 well then i shall!! daily music time!

77236 hmm that i shall!

Just muscle your way through the writers block. If necessary write up a small side story to get the creative juices flowing again. Writing too much in a single story is what causes writers block, at least for me. If you vary what you write than you'll have a chance to explore new situations, and reactions for characters. Every story, aside from Rising Sun, was written as a relief from writers block experienced while writing Rising Sun. You've got almost 15K words posted for Strange Winds, so don't feel bad if you need to take a break from it. I'm certain that you've got ideas for other stories in your head. Even if you don't post them, just try getting them down on paper, if only as a relief from Strange Winds. If you write anything like I do, then a distracting piece to work on will work wonders for you. And if that fails, than try writing a chapter much later in the story. Plan out a ton of events that lead from where the story is now, to a point a dozen chapters down the road, and think of a way to get the two points to make sense with each other. I did that, and now I have a pretty good direction for Rising Sun. When I said, at some point, that I had written the final chapter of Rising Sun, I meant it.

And yeah, the outside world is scary as hell. There are people out there. PEOPLE! And they want to TALK TO YOU! TALK! I'm lucky to have made it back to my inner sanctuary alive.

77375 That is fair enough i guess, and you do raise a good point about having a lot down on Strange Winds as well... perhaps i should start writing the fanfic describing 'her' and how the 13 came to being, what do you think? or at least think more about Strange Winds' character's back story when he was still human?

77416 Either, or both. It's your call. I suggest doing whichever is more pertinent to the development of the plot.

77418 hmmm well before i do anything too drastic i shall see if the block is still in place, i haven't been writing at all since yesterday afternoon so i kinda took a break played some xbox, watched TV, looked out the window at the terrifying outside world (someone saw me i think! i quickly hid away after that lulz :derpytongue2:) if i can't write still i'll do one of the above options most probably beginning the new fic still haven't decided on a name though, was debating 'Darker Days/Times' or 'A Look To the Past' or something along those lines or maybe 'A Light in the Dark' i don't fully know but i need a name that would relate to the story and what it was about without going straight out "oh this is the story about this! hur hur" but meh i'll think of something most likely by the way i never got around to asking you where are you situated in the vast expanses of this world? LOL (English version: where are you from?)

77427 My positioning upon this vast blue marble is within the continent of North America. The country designated U.S.A., and the local province of New Jersey. Where are you positioned?

77457 Ah interesting, well my position has varied similarities between your own! unfortunately we are not upon the same nation, as i am in the continent of North America but in the country identified as Canada, in the area where the olympics were held! British Columbia near Vancouver.

77460 Oh, well that's cool. Did I just make a pun? I hope not. Anyway, why do you ask?

77461 haha no not really it's not cold here quite warm actually... for now that is... and oh just curious, it'd be quite interesting if you were nearby as there are about two bronies that i know of in the immediate area, just they are more so people who occasionally watch an episode not really watch the show. i know that Mcyav is from the UK it's interesting too lol cause none of us are in the same country so far haha

Something that works, quite well, at killing writer's block:

1) make a list of random words, like 25 or so of them.
2) write a short scene (at least three lines, no maximum limit) for each word. The scene should be related to the word, even if you don't use the word itself in the scene.
3) lather, rinse, repeat.

77671 Hmm thank you 5007! That method shall definitely be used in the future no doubt :P haha i forgot to update the blog however cause the block's been lifted and Chapter 6 is well under way yet again :twilightsmile: i look forward to you colourful review once it has gone through editing and has been put up :pinkiesmile:

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