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    Oh hai

    Been a while since i wrote on here so lets get down to business shall we?

    Chapter 8 status: COMPLETE BUT UNEDITED

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    Summer is here!

    well for me at least, which also means i am graduated from high school! yay! :D

    and do you know what that means? more updates for you fine people to read, in fact i`m going to start writing the new chapter soon!

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    A Wild Chapter Update Appeared!

    It's super effective!
    Chapter Update has Published!

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    So just a quick question for anybody following me/favouriting Strange Winds, anybody got Xbox Live? :D

    P.S. ANND if you do would you be so kind to leave it below or PM me it? :D then i can add you and we shall play like never befo

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    Caelum Feels Bad

    So yeah, i guess i HAVE been a tad bit silent in the past lil while and i greatly resent that and i know one person especially has been noticing these disappearances (Howitzer) annd so just saying sorry for that, also Chapter 7 is in the works but it is proving to be harder to write due top the fact of *groan* homework -__- which sucks ASS! I really look forward to hearing what you have to say

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Just A Thought... · 2:48pm Apr 17th, 2012

Okay so i was looking at the help page for something (no i do not recall why) and i saw the description for what crossover was and one certain point made me lol then wonder

"It's like in a story where two different stories merge, like as if Batman and the Power Rangers were in the same story, holy shit right? also dont do that or i'll ban you"

now i'm not sure whether or not to take this truly as a warning...or a challenge


I can now only picture Knighty getting the story Batman & The Power Rangers Dedicated to Knighty and facehoofing so hard that his hoof facehoofed its self depits its lack of face to facehoof

Report Caelum · 349 views ·
Comments ( 17 )

That last sentence confused me greatly :facehoof:

74001 What he's saying is that Knighty's hoof would facehoof itself. However, this would normally be impossible, since hooves don't have faces. Therefore, the absurdity would be so large that Knighty's hoof, that he is using to facehoof, would perform a facehoof. Hope that clears things up.

74055 my head hurts :facehoof:

I still think 300 and MLP will be a good crossover. :twilightsheepish:

74071 Me too. Although it's not because of this.

74221 that is the greatest thing I have heard all week. 74228 Is it the writing once more?

74232 Yeah, but an essay, rather than a story... I loathe writing essays.

Ahh. I feel you're pain, not many things as boring to do.

He facehoofed.

74289 we need to go deeper

74289 ermm, to the part about facehoofing facehooves

Forget that, let's punch this dude in the face.
*points to a random person walking along*

-comes home
-looks at computer
-sees 20 notifications
"...this is either really really good, or really really bad"

74578 Oh no...one of us is actually considering this now i think

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