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    EDIT: After a conversation with a friend, I've been convinced that despite agreeing in principle with the points that television host Tucker Carlson makes in the portion of his commentary I've transcribed, expressing the points in my own way would be a better way to convey my thinking. That said, it seems right to retain what I'm no longer using via use of the "spoiler" tag so that a

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    Fav Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash
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Like a Duck, Hit on The Head · 11:02pm Oct 17th, 2013

I... got featured. For the latest chapter.

I'm stunned and confused, like a duck hit on the head.


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Comments ( 13 )

Wow, congrats. Now I really want to read this thing.

1429172 Enjoy all 144,000 words then. :D

Wanderer D

Welcome back XD

1429530 I've never left. ^_^;

Wanderer D

1429617 I know, but seeing you update, it was like seeing an old friend again :pinkiehappy:

1429619 Thanks, Wanderer. That means a lot, since this story is at least half yours if not more. :)

Wanderer D

1429658 I wouldn't say that much! :raritywink: It's your work, after all, and it's taken a life of its own. It's amazing to see this world expanded as it is now!

1429693 It comes of having more headcanon about everything than is good for me. :twilightsheepish:

Wanderer D

1429731 Well, it's good for your readers too!

1429734 That's kind of you to say, Wanderer, and I appreciate it. I hope it doens't sound too ass-kissy to say that you're definitely one of my inspirations on this site. I can't wait to see more of your Three Sisters story one of these days... that's actually where I got the concept of Chrysalis with four daughters (although mine get along better than yours ^_~).

Wanderer D

1430102 I... need to get back to that :facehoof:

1430113 Well, yes, you do! It's a fun and original AU type story! :) But I remember your blog entries about a metric tonne of real-life bullshit that happens to you so don't worry about it.

Wanderer D

1430138 Thanks! I still should dedicate some time to that though... maybe tomorrow.

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