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Roran Dreamon

I have no idea what I am doing, I write, I read and I play games, what more can a guy want while he waits for college to start again?

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  • 57 weeks
    I'm not dead, but this pandemic makes me wish 2020 would end already.

    It has been more than a year since my last update, and there is no one but myself to blame for this.

    And while this pandemic may have given me an excuse to write again, I am still going to apologize for my gross negligence.

    I would just like to say, I am sorry my fellow readers for not delivering the chapters that I have promised, but with the time given to me I will do better.

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  • 292 weeks
    The Crystal Wolves - THE REWRITE HAS BEGUN!

    It has been a while since I last posted something here but I have something important to say.

    I am rewriting this story to have it submitted back onto this site!
    That's right! I am reviving this story from its current form and building it from the ground up!

    Some of it might stay the same, other parts will be completely reworked!

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  • 300 weeks
    Taking a general consensus

    As the title says I am taking a consensus on what you all feel about The Crystal Wolves, I wanna get a feel about what you all think about it, what you think that might need to be changed or what you wish that could be added to the story as a whole.

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  • 302 weeks
    College is finally over! Let the story writing re-commence!

    As it says on the title my college courses for this year is over! I have roughly two months of free writing before having to go back to hopefully less stressful and less annoying courses where I could keep writing!

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  • 340 weeks
    Warframe update = New story content

    Hello everyone and welcome to another round of my blog, today I am talking to all of you people who have been following my story Endure for an Eternity, as you all may know if you played the game Warframe on the PC on Steam, and if you do play this on Steam then you will know that it is now Update 16, which means new content.

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Looking for proof-readers/editors · 8:31pm Oct 1st, 2013

Yes I am talking to you, the people, to assist me in my works, those that help me will have their names placed within the story they did, and those that help clean up or clear any bugs in the stories will get a chance to have themselves placed in the story as a background. So think on it for a while before sending me messages that you want to help.

Oh and first three that send me a private message will get a surprise.

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Comments ( 4 )

Precisely, what do you need help with? :3

1409368 proofreading my chapters to see if anything looks odd or out of place and finding any grammar errors, you know, the usual things that people get all bent out of shape from.

1409471 I think I could help you out with that, if you want me to. ^^ :twilightsmile:

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