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Stay a while and listen: Conversations with Eternity · 8:06pm Jul 29th, 2013

And up goes the most blatantly original of my stories to date, wherein I layout some broad geography, plop down a mystical oasis and city around it, and then use that as a wrench to pry open Luna's past.

'Destiny' is technically the inauguration of the so-called Sunchaser Canon, in that it literally presents the point where show canon and mine diverge, but Conversations is the first obvious piece of that canon. It's also episodic; there will eventually be a conversation with Twilight, and then someday (contingent on the completion of another planned story) there will be a final(?) one with Celestia. But for now, we have Sad Luna in Sand (snow wasn't really feasible).

I do hope that people end up liking what I do in my offshoot canon, of course, but for now we'll see just how far I can stretch the suspension of disbelief among my readership. Cheers ^_^

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Seeing the story pop up threw me for a loop; totally didn't expect two stories in as many days :rainbowkiss:

In the middle of reading it now.

... Our interest hath grown bepiqued. Proceed. :trixieshiftright:

So thanks for that.

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