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Dramatic Reading · 6:32am Jun 17th, 2013

Kalreas made a dramatic reading of my story, 'Goodbye my Friend'. And I have to say, It was awesome!

The way he read the story was great, there was dramatic background music playing, his voice fit the theme – which is sad. And once again, it was awesome!

Here is the video:

And again, thanks, Kalreas, for doing a dramatic reading of my story.

Also, I was asked by a fellow Fimfiction user for my permission to let him translate the story into Polish. Here's the link to the translated version, although I am sure that you don't really need it. But I was happy to post the link here, because of his effort and all for it.

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Comments ( 10 )

It is really cool that he did that but dramatic readings aren't my thing.
And also.
"there was a dramatic background music playing,"
Remove the "a".

1149675 I should get you to proofread all of my future blog posts.

1149712 If that's ok with you.

1149784 Well ok then.

1149712 I'll do it if you need me to.

That is awesome. It is a really good fic. I wish someone read one of my fics but then again I don't expect my fics to get to popular. But your fic was sad. I like you fic.

1150279 Great grammar on that last sentence.

1150287 I don't use proper grammar in comments.

1150298 Yeah I can see that.

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