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  • 503 weeks

    They have new pony emoticons!

    More seriously, huzzah! Updates in abundance. Chapter 39's coming up real soon...

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  • 505 weeks
    Guess Who's Back!?


    ... And me.

    WELL, finals were certainly fun. Good grades on all assignments I've been given feedback on thus far. What matters more is that I got through it all alive and now have a week and a half until my summer student research begins. Ah, the free time.

    Let's get rolling again; the end is coming up!

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  • 506 weeks

    3 Group Projects

    2 Individual Projects

    3 Papers

    2 Exams

    40 hrs work/week

    Theatre involvement

    All in the past week, this week, and half of next week. I've quite literally had 0 time for story work. I'll try and get something Thursday, as that's my Reading Recess break.

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    New favorite picture of her.

    Credit to BlockEraser on deviantArt, you crazy awesome artist.

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    The show's, obviously, not my story's.

    Anyways, AMAZING! Such a great episode. Best part by far is "This Day Aria", and in it the beginning where Chrysalis says "I have fooled them" and her eyes glow that menacing green and blue. Just breath-taking.

    It lacked some history, and could have used some more Luna, but overall it was spectacular! Hope you all are faring well.

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Late Update Today · 5:18am Mar 23rd, 2012

Today's chapter will be coming a bit late as I seemed to have misplaced/lost a set of house keys that I very much need. I only went to two places on campus, so it's not like it should take too long. But still.

Chapter 31 coming soon.

EDIT: It's 1:15AM and I'm an hour or so away, so please excuse the delay but it'll have to wait until morning. You know what that means: 2 chapters on Friday! :D

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Comments ( 9 )

Ok ok just don't panic.... It's not like anyone will go into your house at night and kill you. Banish the thought.:twilightsmile:

oh keys there everywhere you don't look

Hate losing important stuff like that. Reminds me of the one time I lost my wallet on campus, and spent an hour backtracking between the dorm and classroom before I found out that it got turned into the lost and found. Words do not describe how relieved I was.

Hope you're able to find your keys.

On a side note, I still can't figure out how you can write so much so quickly.

If you can't find them you'll have to call smith, lock smith.

Ok, 99% chance it is
A: where you least expect it,
B: Right in front of you,
C: In your other jeans, :facehoof:
D: Your worst enemy/rival has it.

Yea....Hope it is A-C :derpytongue2:

The funny thing is that last Spring Break I had the same issue, only then I lost my wallet. Cancelled all my cards and whatnot, had to get a new student ID.

... And then a week and a half later they popped up at the lost and found. Apparently some people in the dining hall had held onto them and had forgotten to turn them in... for a week and a half. :facehoof:

BUT WHY!? :raritydespair:

Yeah, see story above for having lost my wallet last Spring Break. I think it's official that I hate Spring Break EXCEPT for the fact that I get to write so much. (Spoiler: chapters get cranked out this quickly because I've already written the rough drafts; it just takes 5-6hrs of edits/day to finish them up.) :yay:

The scariest Smith of them all... :twilightoops:

D-Do I have a rival? :derpyderp2: Oh man, now you have me worrying about (D)...

40698 So, im guessing that you found your keys, where were they?
Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? :facehoof: No, I mean besides your hundereds of fans you have from writing.
You know the feeling, you turn your shoulder and you see nothing but you still have that feeling till your at your house? Best guess, rival. :applejackconfused:

Nah, your fine, im just joking. :derpytongue2:

40698 ah, that makes sense. I'm starting to write a story from scratch which would take longer than editing already existing drafts.

They were at a third place; last night I was celebrating my friend's birthday and we watched Millennium Actress at a friend's apartment on campus. Five minute walk. I sat in a recliner there and my keys fell in during the movie. I just found them an hour ago, so I've been sweating it all day.

>"hundreds of fans"
Really? :pinkiegasp:

I do get that feeling... that someone's... checks ...out there... :pinkiesad2:

For me it' generally 2.5hrs for a rough draft, then 5-6hrs of edits. That's because I'm being stubborn and not having pre-readers for this story. Future projects I have people that are helping. Should speed things up a bit. :rainbowdetermined2:

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