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Orange update! 5 · 7:00pm Apr 6th, 2013

Well damn. DAMN! Are my stories really loved this much? Despite their lack of proper common grammar? (I guess most readers just come for the clop anyway!)

Ya'll are pretty amazing at this I must say! It even dares me to question that is there anything I can throw at you guys that you won't bloody like? Not that I'd do that anyway, it was hard work coming this far!

So wow, this many followers huh? What am I going to do with you all? More clop of course! There'll be plenty more where that come from! Plenty more dirty keyboards to clean too I assume! As for what's coming next, well sit tight and wait for now!

Also major props again to ShimmeringStallion who has taken his time out to deal with my terrible grammar issues. I promise you all I'll try and improve. I won't need a low rate education system to teach me the basics of comma's and stuff. That's the internet's job!

Now give yourself a pat on the back for being a great fan, and go change your pants!

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Comments ( 4 )

These pants ar-... Nevermind

Me: "Hmm... I wonder how theorangefox is doing... I'm not following them, but it's always good to drop in! 'Sides, there's a story I wanna read again. :ajsmug:"

*manually changes the end of the FIMfiction address to "/user/theorangefox"*

"Okay, story ti... :rainbowhuh: Blog post? Maybe something's up! *checks*

*reads up to the fourth paragraph*

*sighs* Why can't I ever react with some well-placed dignity when my name is mentioned ANYWHERE!? :raritydespair: Ugh... so embarrassing...

Funny thing is, I recently found myself getting a few extra story views over the last couple days... I get the feeling the name-drop might have been responsible. :unsuresweetie:

I... coincidentally also got a thumb-down on my story on April 6th... b-but regardless, you have my gratitude! :twilightblush: If I didn't think you were worth the help, I wouldn't, but I know you're very good at what you do, mate! :pinkiehappy:

May your works continue to attract positive attention, and may your skill as a writer continue to improve! :eeyup:

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