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    And it was almost a girl who, stepping from
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    the awesome trees, the distances I had felt
    so deeply that I could touch them, meadows in spring:
    all wonders that had ever seized my heart.

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A new story on its way · 2:34pm Apr 1st, 2013

Submitted a new story this morning. I know for a lot of people following me, this might not be their cup of hot cider.

I won't begrudge anyone for passing it up. For those of you not into horror, a new, longer-style adventure fic more in the tone of Dream of Dawn (though WAY less sucky, and lighthearted) should be up in about a week. Depending how bad my school/thesis work gets, maybe give or take a few days.

I love horror. Not senseless horror, not endless bloodbaths, but psychological horror with a real who and why and where--even if you don't necessarily manage to answer those questions for certain. Real corners of the psyche, real places in which our reality can break, and the darkness (or light) that manifests through those cracks. 'S/he's a psychopath' doesn't really count.

Silent Hill 2 is the happiest I've been with a horror game, Fatal Frame 2 the second happiest, Eternal Darkness is way up in its own special category... book-wise I took a fair amount of inspiration from House of Leaves, and it was challenging but really dug into my heartheadspace for weeks. Horror movies are harder to come by. Arguably Hitchcock is more suspense than horror, but wherever you put him, he's a lot of fun. Other movies... it's hard to put a hoof on. Alien, maybe? I devour anything with a supernatural bent, and have a ton of American and Asian horror under my belt, but either I can't think of anything I loved to death or they scared me so witless I shut them out of my memory.

Horror needs hope. Horror needs depth to be haunting. And the point is still to delight and entertain, NOT disgust.

After all, ghost stories have an important role in all societies. And if you want to, well, you can think of this as just another Equestria ghost story... if that helps you sleep at night.

Indeed, thou likest us to scare you.

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... wait you can't high five with hooves.

This calls for a bunp.

Eternal Darkness is one of my most favorite games ever! I used its soundtrack GMing a pen and paper rpg once.

Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary suddenly there came a tapping as of someone gently rapping, rap, rap, rapping... on a keyboard. Can't wait :pinkiehappy:

I love horror. Not senseless horror, not endless bloodbaths, but psychological horror

who doesn't :pinkiecrazy:

that is whats wrong with horror in the present, its all blood and just glorified killing, i remember being so sacred with the first Alien movie, the first ChildĀ“s Toy movie came when i was like 6 or 7, i didn't sleep for weeks after i watched that :twilightblush: yeah Eternal Darkness takes a place for its own, the first Resident Evil was so good in horror for me in atmosphere, then came silent hill 1 and 2, good games, the original Clock Tower for Snes and the direct sequel for Ps1 where awesome(something about being chased by someone with a giant pair of scissors and the only thing you could do was run and hide and pray that he didn't find you was terrifying), i know what you mean for psychological horror, i haven't read the story yet, but i know that i will enjoy the ride with your writing and that type of horror in mind :pinkiecrazy:

P.S. don't be so hard on yourself with "A Dream of Dawn" it was the fic that got me into MLP Fictions (even if i read it when you uploaded the last chapter :twilightblush:) , your Discord is forever going to be my favorite on fic works

P.S.S. well Evil Dead seems promising, it looks like a blood bath but the "feel" of the movie seems like the original so it could be good :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks bunches! And I totally know what you mean. Torture pornography has become a thing and I was sick of it when it came out. even Texas Chainsaw Massacre had a sense of construction over like, fucking Saw.

I did play Clocktower on the SNES and it was a boatload of fun. Kinda screwy toward the end, but the mechanics were neat, too...

I can't think of Evil Dead as anything but a horror-comedy series, even if it got that way gradually. That's kind of Reimi's thing. Here's hoping he keeps playing to his strengths.

Cabin in the Woods was also a total riot.

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