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    Like the melodic chirrup of a bat, I break the silence to sound out where all of my friends and followers are. Ahm.

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    I, 2

    And it was almost a girl who, stepping from
    this single harmony of song and lyre,
    appeared to me through her diaphonous form
    and made herself a bed inside my ear.

    And slept in me. Her sleep was everything:
    the awesome trees, the distances I had felt
    so deeply that I could touch them, meadows in spring:
    all wonders that had ever seized my heart.

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Ping · 10:52am Feb 12th, 2013

Like the melodic chirrup of a bat, I break the silence to sound out where all of my friends and followers are. Ahm.

Posted a new story, just a quick one-shot. Should be verified soon??? I don't know if anyone's going to read it. Don't know if it's up anyone's alley. I wrote it mostly as a form of catharsis, and because maybe there are people who know exactly that kind of feeling. Cheating bonus link for my followers.

Last project is delayed on posting because I want to gather the right elements and I want it to be *perfect* (or at least to my satisfaction) before putting it into the wild. It's an odd beast.

In the meantime, when I said I wouldn't do another long adventure fic, I was probably lying. I'm cooking something up right now and while it probably won't come near the length of Dream of Dawn (thank Celestia) it'll still be a lot to chew on. So if you're ONLY here for adventurey stories, then your wait will (hopefully) be rewarded.

My examination is on Saturday, and all of the melodrama about the Season 3 finale is being eclipsed for me by this all-day test that I have to pass in order to graduate. Think of me as Twilight in 'Spike At Your Service,' but without all the bad character writing.

P.S. everyone needs to look at the scenery tag on pony arts at all times. Some of these totally blow away classic paintings, and I could stare at them for hours.

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Still here. Still watching.:eeyup:

But who watches the watchmares?

They watch themselves and each other. Always vigilant.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I rather liked the starry night style luna done on deviant art's favorites a day ago, to mix mare and background so nicely. But you will do fine on your test. Call it a matter of faith, or simple trust. http://fav.me/d5tr76b and my bad, two days ago.

Holy crap that art.
Thanks for pointing it out.

After seeing those paintings it's easy to see where the inspiration for The Sky is Always Open came from. Unless of course you were writing in the Sierras, the Rockies, or someplace equally as stunning.

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