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I'm a comic artist and illustrator. Like Naruto and MLP, and other stuff, but they're both my fav ones. And my fav MLP is Rarity, also love Sparity. my dA www.pia-sama.deviantart.com

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    TWOT chap 6 on the way...

    yeah i finished a couple of days ago of writing it, so I should be uploading it tomorrow or during the weekend :3

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    Love Anchor Update...

    Hello everypony, just wanted to tell you all, after all this time, a new chapter of LA is finally done!.. from my part only though, now just wait for the edits, hope they won't take too long ; )

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    Updates Coming!

    Hello everypony,
    Well I'm really sorry for the loooooooooooong delay of my stories' updates. The reason: Life.
    But, yesterday I dropped my life for almost the entire day, in order of getting some of them done.

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    Sparity Pic

    I made this pic for this chapter. SPOILER ALERT! Don't click if you didn't read the chapter yet!
    Click if you read chapter "The art of the tuxedo part 2"

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    Problem solved : )

    Thanks everypony, i already solved the problem : )

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Why I am, of all ponies, a Gold member? · 8:30am Apr 1st, 2013

It does look good, sure, all sparkling gold, I feel as if i'm millionaire... but why?
I've seen people with better statistics than mine, and they're not gold...
Why I am gold? and what does that mean? Does anypony have a clue about this???

Report Pia-chan · 431 views ·
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Comments ( 10 )

It's a joke from the mods. They make everypony look like a goldmember to themselves and they can see it on a few others. Example, I have gold membership but you probably don't see me with it. To you I look like a normal member no? Either way there are jokes everywhere today. So for the next 24 hours I'd advise not taking anything serious and if you think anything is strange on this or any site. It's probably an April Fool's joke.

Happy Fools day!

uh darn xDDD
such a shame, that gold color rly combined with my hat!

BTW: yup, don't see you as gold nor Racko-san... but POC-sama yes hahaha :rainbowlaugh:

Only people with ids ending with 0 has gold membership that is visible to others, but everyone sees themselves as gold.

ooohhhh that means you can't see others as gold?

see? I gotta be a genius!

966790 yes you can, but only if their site id ends with 0


ooohhh and what's that site id you're talking about?
darn I felt so special for being gold, now I'm a common mortal again... :raritycry:

967330 it is merely a number for when you joined. Knighty, the creator of the site is id 1 as he was the first person to make an account. Your id is 75032.

oooohhh.... well today i learned a lot! xD

968183 oh, and one more thing; what is stadistics?

stats, sorry, i englishified a spanish word without checking if it was good spelled... "Stadísticas"="statistics" :facehoof::twilightsheepish:

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