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    EDIT: After a conversation with a friend, I've been convinced that despite agreeing in principle with the points that television host Tucker Carlson makes in the portion of his commentary I've transcribed, expressing the points in my own way would be a better way to convey my thinking. That said, it seems right to retain what I'm no longer using via use of the "spoiler" tag so that a

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    Vignette Number One Complete

    I got the first of these planned side stories done and dusted, although I'm now trying to locate art that fits the story or that I could fiddle with to conform to the story. Something with Nightmare and Chrysalis in it, but not erotic because the story is pretty PG/PG-13. Maybe if anyone reads this, they can suggest an artist or some artwork. Point is, it'll be put up when I can find the right

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    It has been quite a while since I've used this thing and I have a sneaking suspicion that a lack of chattering in blog posts is probably one of the many things I'm doing to sabotage myself as far as getting active interest and commentary on my writing. I suppose I just don't have a great deal to say, at least nothing that makes me think of opening a blog and posting something in it. Based on how

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    MLP Quiz, because I can.

    Fav Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash
    Least Fav Characters: Pinkie Pie.
    Fav Background Pony: Vinyl Scratch
    Least Fav Background Pony: Canon Doctor Hooves.
    Fav Mane Six Member: Twilight Sparkle
    Least Fav Mane Six Member: Pinkie Pie.
    Fav CMC: Scootaloo.
    Least fav CMC: Sweetie Belle.
    Fav Princess: Luna.

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    Responding to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjJQBjWYDTs&feature=trueview-instream and especially the top comment by Jeffro Johnson:

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Site changes. · 8:57pm Mar 15th, 2013

Dammit... why the fuck do these idiotic admins feel the compulsion to "fix" what's not broken... and then FUCK IT UP? First they do the site update where they blew up the feature box and did this weird arrangement of everything along the top, and now, they've ELIMINATED THE NOTIFICATION/MESSAGE ICONS? And is there an option for sometime to use the old version? Nope! Why can't admins ever make a site BETTER when they pull this bullshit?

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I know right! I was gonna be okay if they left notifications alone but nope.

I miss the dashboard :twilightangry2:

921513 Ayup. I'm sure that knightly gave a preview and comment period; I'm guessing this because at least one used alluded to eagerly anticipating this change, and knightly seems to be a good guy generally. However, this comment period does not appear to have been widely publicized.

921602 It was in the Site News sidebar, something which you should check regularly. Here are the three site posts which updates were available to comment on:
That's as publicised as it gets really.

925294 "Publicized as it gets" describes something that can be widely known without it being necessary to follow one person. Moreover, "publicized as it gets" implies that someone would be informed of it anywhere they went on the site, not just if they happened to be on the home page. It was a previous decision of knighty to limit news and other feeds to just one page on an immensely vast site, thus implicitly choosing to make upcoming changes known only to a very small number of people "in the know". It was poorly publicized, as proven by the relative dearth of variety of commentators; if it had been properly publicized there would be a very large variety of commentators and more than a very few comments. My complaint stands: this was dropped on our heads with very little warning and no real chance for people to comment beforehand.

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