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Important Question/News · 2:08am Mar 5th, 2013

Greetings, readers! And anyone who may be reading this but for some reason is not a reader.
For some reason.

Anyways, I finally managed to get Chapter 13 out. Yay! Now, for the real reason I summoned you here today/night.

Omega is a long fic. I estimate that I'm about 1/6th of the way through, and it's already at 70k words. Woah. Anyways, I've become a much better writer since I first wrote those first three chapters and got them featured on EqD, and it shows. I've started considering aspects that never even crossed my mind when I wrote my earlier chapters, and I've begun wishing that I had written things with a more stream-of-consciousness style.

To summarize, the fic needs to be rewritten.

You see, things don't really take off till Chapter 4. I worry that I may be turning off new readers with my sub-par initial three chapters. And I really want to rewrite them better. I want to rewrite the whole fic, with a more personal narrative. I want to make things stream-of-consciousness. And I want to change a few small plot points.

What does this mean to you?

It means that the fic, in terms of continuation, will be going on a brief hiatus while I rewrite the 70k words which comprise it. No need to be upset, it should only last a couple of months, at most. As for the question: if you guys wish, I will continue writing new chapters (at a slower pace) in a form consistent to how the fic is now. I wouldn't want to abandon you guys, after all.

Anyways, the fic will seem slow for awhile, but rest assured I'm writing. I'm not just going to publish the rewrites one at a time (it would be jarring for anyone who's in the process of reading, and wierd and inconsistent), but will instead do them all at once, when I finish. I'll even include a little changelog, so you can catch up with the differences real quick and easy.

I'll make blog posts every now and then to update you on my progress.

Until later!

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I had Omega on Read Later for awhile, been wanting to start on it. But I suppose I'll just wait for the rewrite. :trixieshiftleft:

But...the chapters :fluttercry:

Oh well, I guess that's why it hasn't been updating as fast. A real shame though, this is currently my favorite fic. It has a fallout equestria feel without all the gore. And I love steampunk.

Oh well, I hate re-reading, but maybe I'll give it a try.

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