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  • 97 weeks
    finally back

    ok it has been a few years and i mean along time. i am back with stuff i will be posting more stories and i will be writing more as well. i am in a spot where i can do so i will finish twilight's strip club adventure before moving on to darkside. i am going to need an editor cause doing it alone will be to hard and with that i will be possibly working soon i won't be writing often. i will do

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  • 188 weeks
    time to shine

    i am back with a big project in the works here and as a book series irl gong to be an original story and possibly several books as wll. i can say darkside of equestria is going strong as well and i plan to have several chapters done before continue. also going to be getting a tablet soon so i can write from there and send it to myself via email as well.

    i shall keep everypony posted

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  • 225 weeks

    Silver Starshine

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  • 225 weeks
    Cheyenne brony group

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1583738258605588/ for those in Wyoming or Cheyenne or more come join

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  • 225 weeks
    Cheyenne Brony Bash

    looking for people who know the con scene or have helped with cons before if anyone who can help id appercaite it

    skype is shadowfox2022

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Editor NEEDED · 3:05am Jan 22nd, 2013

i need an editor for my twilight sparkles strip club adventure any volunteers

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Comments ( 5 )

Would love to help but I'm a writer, can't edit worth shit and I need one for my own work:fluttershysad:

well my editors comp is being a bucking retard and he or she has to retype it on her ipad but as for my dissidia one i wanna get a second editor on it

You know, I met another FiMFiction.net user who wrote a Dissidia fic. He, too, didn't know the importance grammar has to a writer. So many unfixed typos... And also, please stop watching me. I can't see us having very many enjoyable conversations in the future.

Still looking for an editor? :moustache:

as of right now maybe

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