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My quick entry to the AppleDash contest · 5:10am Jan 8th, 2013

Well, as a side project beginning in mid-Decemebr up until today, I had been working on an entry for the AppleDash group's Appledash contest.

Fans of my older work should appreciate it. It's got just the right mix of saccharine Appledash goodness and classic BronyNeumo sadness thrown in.

Of course, fans of my other works (mainly Shattered), particularly the non-shipping ones may just find something to like as well. Especially if you guys enjoy tear-jerkers!

You can find the new story here: Keep the Earth Below my Hooves

And speaking of which, do I have any fellow Mumford and Sons fans in the audience?

As a final note, this means that the next chapter of 'Shattered' is officially my number-one priority once more! I hope to continue work on that and get it out ASAP. (Speaking of which College Applications are officially done!)

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I like mumford and sons a lot, though I don't listen to them that often.

Congrats on the completion of your College Apps. :D

I quite like Mumford and Sons too. :pinkiesmile:

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