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A few collabs I've taken part in recently, and other news · 3:08am Mar 25th, 2013

For all you Appledash fans out there, If you're despairing over not seeing any new Appledash from me recently, there are a few collab pieces I've taken part in recently that contain some of my work!

1. The AppleDash Group Collab: This one is pretty simple. For each chapter, a different author writes a short, 500-word story based on the given prompt word. There is a lot of great stuff within here form a lot of great Appledash authors, so I'd suggest reading it all! But you can also search for my name among the chapter titles. I've written some four chapters for this one, and plan to do more! These chapters usually don't carry any continuity, so pursue at your leisure!

2. AppleDash Group Collab - 100th Prompt Special: This one we began as a way to celebrate 100 prompts being written for in the above collaboration. The idea is each of 29 authors writes one 1000 words chapter in a continuous fic. I got to work with greats the likes of Tchernobog and Callitso to get this beauty started off, and it's still going strong! If all goes as planned, we should have a full story finished by the time we reach 29 chapters!

And, for you 'Shattered' fans, if you haven't noticed quite yet, Chapter 8 is up!

Thanks for all your support, and have a great week! Happy reading!

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No, YOU have a great week.:twilightsmile:

Shattered...love that story. :rainbowwild: Would like to see some new, full scale Apple-dash from you sometime, though.

oh I already know your collabas in the appledash group BronyNeumo (I mean, Im in there and I see all the new XD)

and for the new chapter of shattered, gonna read it soon!

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