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This is literally the coolest thing that's happened to me in the three-ish years since I've joined this fandom. · 2:55am Mar 30th, 2013

THIS GUY! This guy right here, out of the blue, surprised me by saying he wanted to do a read-through of my story, 'Shattered' on his Youtube channel. Since nothing like this has ever really happened to me or one of my stories before, I was really excited.

Then, I listened to his video of the Prologue. AND. IT. IS. AMAZING.

This guy should be a professional reader, for audio books, or something like that, because he is just good. Really good. Really, fantastically good.

I'm literally sitting hee on my laptop on youtube listening to words that I wrote being read out loud and it's just utterly fantastic.

Seriously. You all need to go to this guy and watch his videos and fave them and love them and everything else.

His youtube channel.

I'm really somewhat beside myself right now. I'm just that astounded and I can scarcely believe something so awesome is happening to me!

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Wait. you mean to say no one had ever asked about doing a reading of it?:pinkiegasp: now I feel like I missed out on a chance.

I've thought of doing some readings and I even have a shiny fancy hi-quality microphone now. I've been told I have a good voice, but every story I can think of that I'd do a reading for I always take a look at the characters and think "I need more voices for this."

Meh, my ramblings aside - Congrats on getting a reader and whatnot!

Oh my god, he's like the British Morgan Freeman.

Well, that story definitely deserves it. It's amazing. Now, go write some more an' stuff.

lmao thanks man XD best comment I've ever read that's made my day XD

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