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Pony Uppercut

Hi guys! My name is Paul, and i like to draw comics and write about ponies! I hope you enjoy my stories!

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  • 456 weeks
    Working on Chapter 11 and new cover art!

    Hows it going guys! just letting you know that im still doing stuff...

    Chapter 11 will here soon, while my new cover art may take a little while longer. Drawing anthro ponies is harder than i thought! Especially when your trying to make the main 6.

    Anyway thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

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  • 465 weeks
    Chapter one remake complete!

    Hey guys! just wanted to let you know that i remade my first chapter! Come check it out! Also chapter 10 is up too!

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  • 468 weeks
    Been busy... but still here :D

    Hey guys! Sorry for not posting anything lately, been busy with school, you know how it goes.

    So in the mean time i'll give you a quick list on what i plan on doing for Adventures of Mane 7!

    1. Currently i am working on my 10th chapter! hopefully i'll get it posted this week!

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  • 474 weeks
    Who likes good news?

    So now that the comic contest is over, its back to writing FIMfiction!

    For starters im working on my 10th chapter! After thats posted, i'll rewrite my first chapter! And thats my plan so far!

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  • 477 weeks
    Taking a break!

    Just so everyone knows, i haven't quit on Adventures Of Mane 7 nor do i plan to!

    But i'll be taking little break due to being busy with work, school, and drawing comics for a comic contest that you can see here

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Chapter one remake complete! · 4:31pm Jan 3rd, 2013

Hey guys! just wanted to let you know that i remade my first chapter! Come check it out! Also chapter 10 is up too!

So my next thing on my to do list is to change my story icon which i'll completely make from scratch...again. And after that i'll post like chapters like normal!

Also i wanted to let you guys know that i have some other fimfic ideas that would be really awsome to do!
One idea i had was going to be about King Sombra's back story.
Another idea was gonna be a about a royal guard working for Princess Molestia-I MEAN Celestia yea, Celestia......yes, clop is involved........BUT IT WILL BE BASED ON COMEDY I SWEAR!!!

Anyway, thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

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