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Hi guys! My name is Paul, and i like to draw comics and write about ponies! I hope you enjoy my stories!

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    Working on Chapter 11 and new cover art!

    Hows it going guys! just letting you know that im still doing stuff...

    Chapter 11 will here soon, while my new cover art may take a little while longer. Drawing anthro ponies is harder than i thought! Especially when your trying to make the main 6.

    Anyway thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

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    So in the mean time i'll give you a quick list on what i plan on doing for Adventures of Mane 7!

    1. Currently i am working on my 10th chapter! hopefully i'll get it posted this week!

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    Who likes good news?

    So now that the comic contest is over, its back to writing FIMfiction!

    For starters im working on my 10th chapter! After thats posted, i'll rewrite my first chapter! And thats my plan so far!

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    Taking a break!

    Just so everyone knows, i haven't quit on Adventures Of Mane 7 nor do i plan to!

    But i'll be taking little break due to being busy with work, school, and drawing comics for a comic contest that you can see here

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Who likes good news? · 8:55pm Nov 1st, 2012

So now that the comic contest is over, its back to writing FIMfiction!

For starters im working on my 10th chapter! After thats posted, i'll rewrite my first chapter! And thats my plan so far!

So now thats out of the way, I HATE TRAIN WRECK EXPLORERS!!!! They won't take my story out of their files even though ask them to. They said i have to follow rules that i never agreed to follow. once i get enough up votes (by the way, their responsible for most of the down votes), their going to put it in a file to say that "Hey look what we did! we helped this crappy writer" and try to look like the big hero. Don't give me that garbage!

Reviews are always welcome, just as long as your not Train Wreck Explorers! Thank you!

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You put it blunty, but yes:

"Hey look what we did! we helped this crappy writer"

It's exactly what would happen.

The best thing you can do is keep writing. Ignore the ones that are mean, but listen to the ones who are nice. People like Deep Pond and Scribble. I won't lie: TWE has a lot of jerks... but they do have decent people in it. :twilightsmile:

Reviews are always welcome, just as long as your not Train Wreck Explorers! Thank you!

You're also missing a "the"

Also, If you wish to complain about your fic being in our folders, please feel free to send me a PM instead of whining about it in a Blog Post :3


He posted in the removal thread, but refused to make the effort to improve his fic.

That being said, his fic really isn't salvageable; his OC saw to that.

He clearly seems to think it's salvageable, and I'm intrigued as to why.


505204 505199
Because i wrote it with my heart and soul that's why, now go post some where else please.
Besides im not even done yet.

Honestly, I don't care why you wrote it, if you'll keep writing it or whatever you decide to do with it.

I have my preferences as to what you should do next, but they clearly don't match yours as you aren't going to scrap it.

But I do care when you badmouth a group that I co-founded behind our backs just because other people don't like the same things as you.

So, feel fee to carry on telling the story of your Gary-stu Red-and-Black OC Alicorn-Human-thing who tries steals the Elements of Harmony for some odd reason.
But if you have a problem with the TWE, please bring it up with the TWE managers, instead of whining in your blog post.

It is also worth noting that you're wrong. We are not forcing you to follow any rules and we would not take credit for any improvements you believe you'd perform (which is a moot point anyway, as you've refused many times to change anything so improving your story is quite impossible).

Feel free to PM me if you wish me to clarify anything you didn't understand :twilightsmile:


How did you do in the comic contest? O and if you need a proof reader I can help cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/mlp-psmile.png (I help RepearofSouls42 edit his stories. Howeveeeeeerrr, alot of the times I still miss a few grammatical issues cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/mlp-tawkward.png just fyi) I would like to believe I am a good reader and giving feedback on goods and negatives of a story from a readers perspective. I am here to help cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/mlp-swcute.png cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/mlp-moustache.png lolz

Well I have to say man, the only way you'll please "Train Wreak Explorers" is to just bend to there will, In which I would just tell them to shove it up there asses. and ask them to remove your story because you don't want there help. and if they refuse you can always ask a moderator for help lol Its your story bro, not there's. :ajsmug: But this is the thing, I agree that they help a lot of people like Light Pony said. However, quite a few of there members really are jerks that obviously whine and bitch when someone ruffles there feathers as so well explained in this blog's comment section. Dude, just tell them to piss of. That's the best advise I can give you. Anyway Hope your holidays are going well for you.:twilightsmile:

Yea it went really well! thanks for asking!:pinkiehappy: So far i won't know who won until Dec 1st but i had tons of fun making it!:twilightsmile:

And sure! reviewers are always welcome!


Thanks man! i appreciate the support, it means a lot to me!:pinkiesmile: I hope you also have good holidays!

544287 Np man!:twilightsmile: My holidays were great. hope yours was as well.:yay::heart:

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