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Sometimes Life is Just a Silent Hill Mood · 1:59am May 20th

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I love the Silent Hill soundtracks so much!

B_25 #3 · 4 weeks ago · · ·

Just started playing 4 today.

It's really different from 2... but I want to give it a fair shake.

At the very least, the music is excellent as always.

The room always freaked me out, I never finished it.

Claustrophobia hauntings.

B_25 #6 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Yeah, those first-person sections are something else.

I know.

The room slowly transforming from something familiar and safe, to twisted images and eerie sounds. I hated the Robbie the rabbit in that one room. The graininess of everything imo, elevated the room.

Though SH2 is still a favorite.

Silent Hill 2 is my fav game of all time.

Everything about it is great, and there isn't a playthrough where I don't learn something new.

I still remember grabbing the coin from the stroller in the pool when three of the coughing monsters appeared.

I realized that it meant that James and Mary wanted to have kids—but then the sickness happened.

It's a little missable detail—but that adds so much when you comprehend it yourself.

So true SH2 is so heartbreaking at the end. It was my first ever real dive into horror games, SH from then has always stuck out to me as something special. It's the atmosphere that's really haunting and yet still beautiful, plus the music of the series is just on another level.

From SH, I of course tried hopping to RE. But that series is something else...fun but if I ever had to give a non gamer a horror game recommendation it would absolutely be SH, it takes things in life that bring horror and gives it life. I've heard of the remake on the horizon, can't wait for a revisit.

B_25 #10 · 3 weeks ago · · ·


I was a scaredy cat when I was younger and could barely play horror games. It took an immense amount of courage to play/beat them. Because of that, horror had the unique quality of requiring you, the player, to overcome yourself.

It felt like when you beat the game, you were in the same spot as the character, able to overcome your fear to progress and to become better as a result.

With that being said, Silent Hill 2 is the only Silent Hill game that I actually like, since the others deal with cults and such.

I'm not a fan of team-blooper and the combat trailer makes me worry about what's to come—but there's no way that I won't give the game a shot.

I can relate to that a hundred percent. The Room being so grainy and eerie, frightened me sooo much. I had to play like pieces at a time. Even at that I ended up giving myself nightmares. If you ever need to scare me, going for like a found footage camera deal is like terrifying.

That's actually really insightful, I agree with that.

I finished 2, 3, homecoming, and those newer mini shots.

SH2 though is probably just hands down the best, in terms of genuine dread it can bring the player. And as you said the thoughts it allows the player to create and come to terms with.

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