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Updates and Such · 4:47am May 15th

Well, as a thunderstorm rolls overhead (and hopefully doesn't knock power out), I thought I'd offer some updates on what I've been up to.

Long story short, I'm pretty much in gaming overload at the moment.

Horizon: Forbidden West (PC Version)
I'm 101 hours into my playthrough of Forbidden West, where I'm attempting to get all the achievements, as well as play the Burning Shores DLC for the first time (never released on PS4). I'm still in the first run, with 72% of achievements. I'm planning on doing New Game+ to get all the equipment exclusive to NG+, and then once I have everything fully upgraded, do another NG+ run on Ultra Hard.

Azeroth Reborn
By the time I had finally made time to play WarCraft 3 nearly a decade ago, I had been mercilessly spoiled by StarCraft 2, where I no longer had to manage groups of 12 units, and so I never made it far into that campaign. And with the same restraints in WarCraft III Reforged, along with a slew of other bugs, I never bought that version.

Well, a mapmaker by the name of Synergy has been very faithfully remaking the WarCraft 3 campaigns in the SC2 engine, with the Prologue, Human, Undead, and Orc campaigns already available, the Night Elf campaign coming next month, and the three Frozen Throne campaigns coming in December 2024, June 2025, and December 2025 respectively.

Diablo IV Season 4
Lastly, today, I reinstalled Diablo IV for Season 4, along with scores of others, to see the changes that players have been screaming for for the last ten months.

I've decided to just leave my one and only character from launch, likely never touch him again, and start over. Three hours in, I'm already at Level 18, and things have been somewhat easier than I remember them being last June and July.

But I remember falling for the open beta hook, line, and sinker, as well as levels 1-50 of the campaign. Once the endgame came, however, the experience degraded considerably, and I quit in July with my Barbarian at level 79. So we'll see how better the endgame grind is in a few days (or weeks).

When it comes to fanfics, I'm juggling multiple stories, just like I've been doing for the past... Four years or so. When it comes to ponies, I'm continuing to make progress on Unicorn Attack!, without too many more separate ideas happening at the moment, other than perhaps another update for Letters. Then of course there's the third part of my Taismo epic over in the Sonic fandom, as well as a third part of my Freedom Planet series, both in progress.

So that's all for now. Hope everyone has a good night!


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You’ve certainly been busy. I haven’t been doing much besides studying for exams.

Well, as a thunderstorm rolls overhead (and hopefully doesn't knock power out), I thought I'd offer some updates on what I've been up to.

It's been raining off and on in my area but nothing serious yet. 🌧

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