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Ponies and Periods (Men Who are Squeamish This is Your Warning Now) · 1:00am May 11th

Okay so that's out of the way. You're probably wondering about that title. Well on one end I was watching the original MLP movie the other night with my best guy friend and of course this being my "blessed" time of the month, he wisely came bearing my "please don't murder me" package he brings me every 3 or so months (disclosure: mine aren't regular because of birth control) and sat with me while I chose the entertainment and games. Thankfully I was wise this day to choose ponies (due to our shared love of MLP) and this got us into all sorts of conversations that quickly made the movie and eventually tv show into background noise. Relevant background noise, but background noise all the same. So we decided to do one of those "Who's your favorite character from each Gen?" things and honestly here's what my answers were:

G1: Twilight
G1.5 (Tales): Patch
G2: Morning Glory (yeah I already can hear it. Yes it was a video game, but apparently it was the very first one I actually ever played on a computer and LIKED according to my older brother).
G3 and 3.5: Rainbow Dash and Cotton Candy (it was an ironic tie for G3 and 3.5 here...to be fair, I was about 6 when this one started)
G4: Pinkie Pie (surely you could've already guessed that)
G5: Izzy Moonbow (again. Not hard to guess why)

Now with that being said, his answers I won't bore you with here in the blog. Although somehow this turned into a conversation about past times I basically held him hostage in exchange for snacks and cuddles while on my period...mostly about the snack situation. See he had brought me some White Castle and a case of water. Nevermind that I already had a new case in the kitchen. He also brought a package of Double Stuff Oreos, pack of Chewy Chips Ahoy with Hershey Filling, some Nutella (which I was actually low on and honestly he saved me a trip to the store for that), some plain apple sauce, a couple of Almond Joy bars, some Ferrero Rocher, some plain Hershey bars, some jumbo marshmallows, some honey, some honey graham crackers (take a guess as to what we did once my period finally ended) and a Lavender candle and some Epsom salt bath bombs. Of course it wasn't just us pigging out on junk and me being doped up on reasonable pain killers, we did actually play games....ok so we played 6 hands of Uno and then got bored and he watched me play The Sims 4 on my PlayStation. So here's the conversation. Ladies, what's the craving? What kind of insanity have you managed to procure by any means necessary for yourself while either on your period or while pregnant or whatever? I wanna hear those stories! We've all got em! This is a safe space (trust, we all know I wouldn't have shared if I didn't know this wasn't a safe space)!❤️

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Am a male, so cannot answer, I just wanted to say your guy friend sounds like a great person to do that for you, and I hope I am smart enough to do that for any female friends I may have.

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